Is It Really Out There? Re: Correspondence (Bloodstains)

Alright, what’s up with the past couple of days?  Don’t tell me that she is finally going to get me now?  Because I posted this?

Lol if so, then I’m flattered…but kinda a tiniest bit scared at the same time. XD

As always, Correspondence is an awesome piece of work (but I totally couldn’t keep up with the story at this point…such big gap between updates…@____@).  I will eventually have to re-read everything from the beginning.

Stats from yesterday…is Bloodstains going to update soon???


Stats of today so far…and the day hasn’t even ended. This story better be just a make-up story like all those fairy tales out there.


A Wish that Cannot Come True Becomes a Regret

Once in a while, a lot come at us all at once that we would wish that we were born blind, born deaf, even born mute and ignorant so that we don’t see, don’t hear, don’t speak, and don’t understand the truth.

Even, when everything clearly right in front of us…saving what is already lost and most likely, cannot be saved.

To do the impossible, one has to be prepared to get burned, stabbed, and scarred. Continue reading

My Annoying List – Part I

A related post from the distant past, My Lovely List – Part I. ^^  Been meaning to do this for awhile along with other interesting/not-so-interesting posts.  Of course, my usual and most valid excuse is: too busy!!!  Alright, I’m also being easily distracted as usual. ^^”

A simple list of things, people, or occurrences that I find annoying (not in any particular order):

1) Zhang Wuji’s indecisiveness and wishy-washiness are very annoying.

2) Constant shaking of one’s leg while sitting down is particularly annoying to the point that I’d not hesitate to slap that person’s lap to make it stop.

3) The cawing of crows early in the morning is annoying.

4) Silence that should be replaced with words and vice-versa are annoying. Continue reading

Why Silent Readers Are Dangerous to Writers

This is a repost from WoodWitchofSuburbia’s blog over at AFF.  I think she put forth a great message for the writing & reading community all around (& really, the entire art community in general), so I just want to help spread the message here too.  Please do check out her fantastic fanfics here too!  ^^

I’ve been around the internet for a long time, in fact most of my childhood was spent on the internet. At 23-going-on-24, I think it’s safe to say I have quite a bit of experience with internet communities, how they function, and what good and bad there is in the online community.

When I was younger, the idea of “silent readers” was not as common as it is today. The fanfic community was alive and well, full of conversation where the authors of the stories were able to be involved with their readerbase and know who was reading their story and what was good or bad about it. The fanfic world was thriving, constantly growing. Today, I would say the fanfic community is struggling to stay afloat. Not because there’s no one willing to write fanfiction anymore, but that nobody chooses to say anything when reading. Continue reading

A Drabble: If Zhang Wuji and Little Dragon Lady…

Another drabble that messes with Mr. Jin Yong’s wuxia world.  ^^”  This drabble is a bit of a satire on my two least favourite characters from Mr. Jin Yong’s stories, Zhang Wuji and Little Dragon Lady.  A friend questioned how did I find the motivation to write about the characters that I loath and dislike?  Well, here’s my short answer for her:  hatred can be a muse too and thus, fuelled my motivation to write this.  >=]  Anyways, I tried to depict Zhang Wuji as a wishy-washy guy (but I think I went overboard and he sounded like an airhead instead @___@) and Little Dragon Lady as boring as “boring” can ever be.  =P

No drabble poster of the characters and drabble is much shorter this time just to show how much I dislike these two characters.  XD

Summary: AU and again, sets at the beginning of Ming dynasty (actually in the same world as Zhao Min & Yang Guo from my last drabble).


A Drabble: If Zhang Wuji and Little Dragon Lady…


Many colourful lanterns of red, pink, yellow, and green hang highly above the crowd, enhancing the already beautiful night sky.  Music and chattering are mixed in almost to a point of indistinction and many people are drinking to their hearts’ content.  Many locals are high in spirit as they celebrate the beginning of a new era under the ruling of the first emperor of Ming.  Zhang Wuji is no exception as he enthusiastically pulls his childhood friend, Little Dragon Lady, through the crowd hoping to find some interesting street performances to watch. Continue reading

A Drabble: Fine Wine under the Clear Moonlight

Want to get a taste of wuxia fanfic?  Well, here’s a drabble for you.  Oh, a brief summary before we get started.

Summary: AU (“alternate universe” aka “I know it will never happen in my wildest dreams”) sets at the beginning of Ming dynasty.  Just a chance meeting between Zhao Min and Yang Guo over fine wine under the clear moonlight.*

Continue reading

In a Minute

Just a short passage from one of my experimental fanfics, An Irreversible Trade-Off, that I’ve suddenly remembered and made me wonder just what the heck am I doing with all my minutes recently?  Anyways, here it is for you to ponder over your beautiful weekend:

What was a minute?

Numerically, it was simply sixty seconds.

Realistically, it was the amount of time a young man used to run down several blocks in order to avoid the wrath of his girlfriend for being late for their date again.  It was the amount of time a rebellious young lady used to search her house key that was misplaced in her handbag after a long night of drinking and wild partying.  It was the most significant minute in a high school student’s life as she took the courage to confess to her crush.  An intern with the worst luck to work overtime on a beautiful Saturday finally got his break to enjoy a soda pop over the, otherwise insignificant, one minute.  Every second in that minute became equally and lovingly precious when the son hugged his fragile mother for the first time again in ten years.

One minute – or sixty seconds – was a fleeting moment of possibilities.