Review Shops

Recently, I find myself addicted to engage with the activities of review shops (fanfic-specific).  This addiction seems more prevalent around exam times.  I am no stranger to reviewing others’ work on a daily basis, from academic papers to various documents at work.  Ah yes, I definitely have reviewed fanfics before too.  Maybe around 7 to 8 years ago?

The fun and benefits about reviewing fanfic: Continue reading


The Writing Inspiration Factors

Let’s be honest, even if a writer has the perfect story outline and is immune to writer’s blocks, there are just some days that she just can’t write (think pms).  At worst, she would rather just sit back and watch the world burn.  Of course, that’s me sometimes.  However, I tended to feel guilty rather quickly afterwards because I would suddenly remember what it felt like to be an enthusiastic reader waiting for the author to update her favourite story.  Also, I have my share of “abandoning stories” days when I was young, but now I don’t want to abandon anything once started.  Therefore, I make sure that the following are near my presence so that I can force myself from writing procrastination: Continue reading