Drama List – April 12, 2020

I have been away for a very long time, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been active with drama-watching!! XD In fact, I realized that I have been watching more dramas ever since I’ve started dating my partner.

Anyways, here are my brief impressions of some of the dramas I have watched in the last 6 months, that I can remember on top of my head (SPOILER warning – though I’ll try to keep it at a minimum):

The Untamed (陈情令):

The first part of the drama was slow and depressing as hell, and I almost wouldn’t recommend watching for those of us who have to stay at home during this unprecedented time. I had wondered why it got such a high rating (was it because of the BL fans???). However, the second part was much better paced and actually really interesting to watch. Of course, some of my doubts evaporated at this point.

There are 50 episodes and it has taken at least until the 30th episode for the show to quicken the pace. I’m guessing that’s why the first episode has shown the main character falling off the cliff part and then take us back to the past (which has lasted for more than half of the drama); whenever the first of the show slows its pace, I would remember the first episode and wonder how things have become the way it is.


“The Untamed” starring Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo. Read wiki or mydramalist to see if this is your jam.

The Longest Day In Chang’an (长安十二时辰):

This is one of the top 3 dramas that I have really enjoyed throughout. It has everything in a drama that needs to be there to impress me – the stunning cinematography,  the beautiful costumes, the surprisingly fast-paced story telling from multiple perspectives without confusing me thanks to each character being so distinctive (and passionate acting from the actors), and the humour and wittiness despite being a rather serious story. After the end of the drama, I felt as though I have been watching a very long but amazing movie. I find the way the story is being told is very down to earth, making it very refreshing to watch.


“The Longest Day In Chang’an” – I think it’s also a nice drama for those who are interested in the Tang dynasty, which usually known as a great Chinese dynasty due to the prosperity and diversity that this dynasty seems to allow.

Once Upon a Time in Lingjian Mountain (从前有座灵剑山):

This one is for those of you who want to relax and have a good laugh. The first couple of episodes seem a bit silly (and perhaps even have a bit of a low budget vibe), but just keep watching. Soon, you will find yourself keep clicking to watch the next episode ASAP. This drama incorporates a lot of the modern day humour and it is surprisingly inspiring in a sense that it encourages young people to keep trying for your passion even if it seems all cards are stacked against you at the moment.


“Once Upon a Time in Lingjian Mountain” – Did I forget to mention that this is one of my top 3 dramas above? =D

The Legend (招摇):

Another drama starring Xu Kai…this one started out good and it got a bit nonsensical and finally, the running-out of budget vibe kicked in towards the end. It is fun, not totally unmemorable, but there are certainly better dramas out there to watch.


“The Legend” – the main female lead has a silly personality that’s quite refreshing and different than most female characters in other dramas.

Legend of Fuyao (扶摇):

I think my partner and I have watched a lot of Yang Mi’s dramas when we started dating since Yang Mi is pretty much the queen of these types of dramas (fantasy/wuxia/Chinese period), which my partner happens to love watching. I think this is a really well-made drama with really beautiful cinematography and great acting (though, Ethan Juan seemed to have over-acted for a couple of crying scenes).


“Legend of Fuyao” – basically a drama filled with rating-guarantee (& acting-guarantee) actors. It’s an entertaining watch.

Ever Night (将夜):

The first season was AMAZING and I was so sad to know that I have to wait for the second season.

While I waited for the second season, I would play the soundtracks from time to time in the background as my study music. Unfortunately, perhaps I had too high of an expectation for the second season and also maybe they lacked the budget somehow, but it just wasn’t as good at all. In fact, I had to google up to see if they have changed the screen writer or the producer. Apparently, they’re the same people that produce the first season. For the second season, sometimes there’s a lazy writing vibe and sometimes there’s a try-hard vibe. I just don’t know what’s going on with this one.


“Ever Night” – poster from the first season. This one is also one of my top 3 dramas. Not even going bother putting the poster for the second season here since it’s just shit in my opinion.

So, that’s just some dramas that I have watched.

Currently, I’m waiting for my weekly dose of “Westworld” (western drama) and thinking of picking up “The Joy of Life” or “Handsome Siblings” (the 2020 remake).

See ya all next time!!

The Fate of this Blog

I’m guessing that the blogger sphere and even the fanfic sphere have been more busy these days as most people have to stay home.

As for me, I have been thinking of creating a new blog and scrap this one. However, I realized that it probably doesn’t make sense if I’m just going to start another one without any theme (aka, I’m just going to continue writing whatever I want anyways). So, this blog is here to stay, no matter how much time will come to pass (until I can no longer write, I suppose). And besides, I can’t think of a more fitting username than capriquariusmei for myself anyways. Lol XD

For the last few years since I’ve returned to Vancouver, I have been focusing on my personal life (though this blog is quite personally to me too since it’s basically my online diary). Basically, just focusing on the usual as I catch up with adulthood: working to pay my bills, taking care of my parents, going back to the CPA program again so that I can eventually get my designation, and spending a lot of time with my partner watching dramas and experimenting with food.

Wackyhammer has mentioned recently that it seems that I’m always in school or studying since I have graduated from university years ago…and yep, she’s right. ^^” I guess I simply enjoy learning, but for now, I really need to get this CPA thing out of the way first. Hopefully the economy will be okay by the time I look for a job that will help me fulfill the practical experience criteria of the program. For now though, I’m just really grateful that I still have a job and that I can work from home.

Anyways, see you all on the next post!

Kimi Qiao Renliang (乔任梁) – A Mini Tribute

It’s strange to realize that I have never made a post about Kimi Qiao Renliang yet, despite that he was one of the first young mainland Chinese singers who had captured my heart, despite that I really wanted to go to his concert someday…and despite that I really did cried when I learned that he passed away so suddenly a few years ago.


Kimi Qiao…He really did seem like an optimistic, confident free spirit.

I’m not really sure if his voice can be described as unique, but I definitely found his expression of music unique – it was filled with soul and emotions, he gave it his all and left no stone unturned. I always felt his style (kinda punk rock) was at least slightly beyond his time (in the context of being a punk rock celebrity in China). Anyways, here are a few of my favourite songs from him: Continue reading

A Woman’s Confidence is Most Important

So, I fell in love and got my heart broken over and over again…fell in love to the point I lost my identity and got my heart broken to the point of forgetting who I am in the first place. In a sense, I have no regrets, because at the very least I gave it my all, got broken, but survived in the end. And then, I realized, that’s just life. That’s just one of life’s basic lessons. Even though, he’s not the first man I love, he’s certainly the only one who managed to break my heart to this extent. To the extent that I lost all muse to write, despite that writing is supposed to be one of my eternal lovers.

Anyhow, asides from that, the main reason why I haven’t update is mainly due to bad internet signal in a very small town!!! ><” The good news is, I’m finally back home, in the place I grew up in; a place where I can feel no guiltiness with anonymity. I’m an introvert by nature, so anonymity without guilt feel just right at home.

So, what does this mean?  You’ll be expecting a lot of fangirling here again!! Along with other randomness. Honestly, I have to admit, this is kinda like my online diary,  but who cares?! You’re all just harmless stalkers anyways. And if you’re not harmless, there’s no doubt in my mind I’d be calling the police on you faster than the speed of light! ^^

So, here are some stuff I learned from the man that I love the most:

  • Being your own self is important, because there’s a possibility that he would leave you. And if that’s the case, then (for example) you might ended up letting your hair grew long for him when you are more comfortable with short hair in the first place! Honestly babe, just get whatever hair style you want…make yourself happy first before anything.
  • Exes are exes for a reason…some might be quick to say stuff like “accepting that your man still keep in touch with his ex and being best friend with his ex is totally okay! If you can’t accept it, then you are childish.” Uh….no. It really depends. But most importantly, a mature woman should consider and know how she feels and what she truly wants. If she’s not comfortable with her boyfriend constantly contacting his ex (especially if there’s no good reason!), that’s totally okay. She shouldn’t have to force herself be “mature” when she’s clearly hurt and crying inside.
  • Go at your pace and grow at your pace…because that’s really what life is all about; discovering yourself and being comfortable with your own skin.

Next up is either fangirling, fanfics, or my own silly webtoon time (“Leo’s Debut” or “Nonesense”) gain! XD Thanks for reading all this time~! =D

Is It Really Out There? Re: Correspondence (Bloodstains)

Alright, what’s up with the past couple of days?  Don’t tell me that she is finally going to get me now?  Because I posted this?

Lol if so, then I’m flattered…but kinda a tiniest bit scared at the same time. XD

As always, Correspondence is an awesome piece of work (but I totally couldn’t keep up with the story at this point…such big gap between updates…@____@).  I will eventually have to re-read everything from the beginning.

Stats from yesterday…is Bloodstains going to update soon???


Stats of today so far…and the day hasn’t even ended. This story better be just a make-up story like all those fairy tales out there.

Random Thoughts & Muses #002

Back again with another “online diary” post, full of things that I currently can’t find anyone to say it to without making it seem out of the blue (which, it is) except for the wall…and frankly, I don’t like the wall every much.  Is this what people call, “shower thoughts”, really? Continue reading

Racism is, Unfortunately, Still a Very Real Thing in Canada

A rare and serious reflection here.  Topic might be sensitive for some readers, so readers’ discretion is advised.

I grew up as a city girl and while I have met some occasional jerks, I’ve never felt anyone was being racist towards me.  So, when I started attending university and taking up Asia-Canada courses at Simon Fraser University (that’s my extended Minor), I couldn’t really sympathized with some of my Asian-Canadian professors and lecturers who have grew up in the city or suburb during the 60s, 70s, 80s, and early 90s (some even earlier as they are 4th or 5th generation of Asian-Canadians) and experiencing racism and recalling painful memories.  I honestly, in the back of my mind, thought they were just exaggerating. Continue reading

A Drabble: Princess Mermaid’s Own Demise

Shambles there, shambles be, all the shambles in the world turns into celebratory confetti.

Through desperation and sacrifices beyond her mind, Princess Mermaid gets her wish and regains her Prince’s love once more.  All the while, she forgets that some sacrifices need not be seen and need not be heard…and her one and only Prince has done exactly that for her.

As they dance and dance merrily around with some hiccups in between, Princess Mermaid’s childishness rears its ugly head once more.  She truly wishes and makes promises to make her Prince happy and at ease forevermore, but it seems she has gone about everything the wrong way once again!

Perhaps she is still not used to her newfound feet and so she trips and ends up with a face full of bloody tears.  Her Prince tells her some lovely words and shines light about her footsteps, but all it does is adding more to her confusion.  Still confused and unable to put asides her childishness to give her precious Prince the tranquillity he so deserves, she realizes that she should have stayed nothingness; a miracle should have happened for her.

Therefore, she finally gets the cowardly courage to decide to run into her own demise once more…hoping this time she will stay evaporated into an insignificant mist without hurting her Prince anymore.

Random Analysis by a Robot – January 2017

*Originally just a random reflection on my Facebook as I test out the notes feature (haven’t used that in years!!).

“每個人都知道這是個可笑的世界。可是有誰能笑得出呢?” – 《老夫子》

(Trans:  “Everyone knows this is a ridiculous world, but who can really laugh about it?” – Old Master Q)


1) Since young, it seems the more I dislike something, the more it will show up to haunt me. Then, as I get older, I realize that’s just one of the ways the great universe uses to teach me love and compassion. I didn’t like this teaching method before, but now, I’m thankful for it because I don’t dislike or hate a lot in general. Well…there is something I don’t like at the moment, but it will eventually leave me alone and give peace back to my mind. ^^


2) Just a joke…


A: You jump.

B: I jump.

DAYS later…


B: Why didn’t you jump?

A: Never said I would.

Continue reading

Nonsense #1 & How I Draw These Stuff…

Starting this new webcomic series because of a couple of reasons:

  1. To practice my drawing using simpler characters than, say, Leo’s Debut.  Okay, I know they’re not that complex for most people who draw…just me though. ^^”
  2. I want to bring my childhood creation, le rottenapple-san (lol nope. It is actually still nameless to this day), to life.  A shameless pat on my 12 or 11 year’s old’s back.  XD

This particular one is inspired by a very handsome guy who often forgets about me (and himself too…to some extent).  ^^”


Now, I know the font is a bit difficult to read…but I can’t help it!! No matter how much time I’ve used to find the right font tonight, this particular font just looks so darn cute to me!  @__________@ Continue reading