My Annoying List – Part I

A related post from the distant past, My Lovely List – Part I. ^^  Been meaning to do this for awhile along with other interesting/not-so-interesting posts.  Of course, my usual and most valid excuse is: too busy!!!  Alright, I’m also being easily distracted as usual. ^^”

A simple list of things, people, or occurrences that I find annoying (not in any particular order):

1) Zhang Wuji’s indecisiveness and wishy-washiness are very annoying.

2) Constant shaking of one’s leg while sitting down is particularly annoying to the point that I’d not hesitate to slap that person’s lap to make it stop.

3) The cawing of crows early in the morning is annoying.

4) Silence that should be replaced with words and vice-versa are annoying.

5) Hatred without reason is annoying.

6) Being stood up is annoying.

7) Losing a sense of self all of a sudden is annoying.

8) Dwelling on what could be is annoying.

9) A sharp coldness still pierce through the body despite of snowballing one’s self in heaps and layers of clothes is quite annoying.

10) Couldn’t find a seat at the public transit after a long, tiring day is annoying indeed.

11) Having to force a smile is annoying.

12) Networking events are particularly annoying, especially if refreshments are not present.

13) Broken onion rings are ungracefully annoying.

14) Obsessiveness is very annoying indeed!

15) Counting coins is annoying without a doubt.

16) Unreasonable individuals are dangerously annoying.

17) Jealousy is hideously annoying.

18) Just one more number to win the big lottery jackpot is probably as annoying as always just being a second best.

19) Wandering endlessly without a destination is annoying.

20) Marching through the muddy road with heavy rain showering down is mercilessly annoying.

21) Cold feet just before bedtime is annoying.

22) All the hard work and effort for nought is, of course, sadly annoying.

23) Falling in love can quite annoying.

24) The relativity of time, on occasions, is annoying.

25) Extremely sweet white chocolate is lethally annoying.

26) Insomnia is annoying.

27) Perfection can be extremely annoying.

28) Condemned just for being harmlessly different is annoying.

29) Arrogance is annoying.



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