A Drabble: If Zhang Wuji and Little Dragon Lady…

Another drabble that messes with Mr. Jin Yong’s wuxia world.  ^^”  This drabble is a bit of a satire on my two least favourite characters from Mr. Jin Yong’s stories, Zhang Wuji and Little Dragon Lady.  A friend questioned how did I find the motivation to write about the characters that I loath and dislike?  Well, here’s my short answer for her:  hatred can be a muse too and thus, fuelled my motivation to write this.  >=]  Anyways, I tried to depict Zhang Wuji as a wishy-washy guy (but I think I went overboard and he sounded like an airhead instead @___@) and Little Dragon Lady as boring as “boring” can ever be.  =P

No drabble poster of the characters and drabble is much shorter this time just to show how much I dislike these two characters.  XD

Summary: AU and again, sets at the beginning of Ming dynasty (actually in the same world as Zhao Min & Yang Guo from my last drabble).


A Drabble: If Zhang Wuji and Little Dragon Lady…


Many colourful lanterns of red, pink, yellow, and green hang highly above the crowd, enhancing the already beautiful night sky.  Music and chattering are mixed in almost to a point of indistinction and many people are drinking to their hearts’ content.  Many locals are high in spirit as they celebrate the beginning of a new era under the ruling of the first emperor of Ming.  Zhang Wuji is no exception as he enthusiastically pulls his childhood friend, Little Dragon Lady, through the crowd hoping to find some interesting street performances to watch.

“Erm…let’s just go home,” Little Dragon Lady suggests as she squirms uncomfortably through the crowd.  She hates loud noises and places crowded with people.  She doesn’t understand why Wuji would deem that it is a good idea to come out.  She would much rather stay at home eating flower petals and drinking honey tea.

Wuji stops, turns around, and gives her a confused look.  “But we’re almost there,” then he points over to the crowd watching a man swallowing a fiery sword down his throat just several feet away.

She meekly glances over to the crowd and frowns.  ‘How distasteful,’ she regards.  She couldn’t believe he has dragged her all the way here just for this kind of act.  Her precious time could have been spent on bee cultivation as well as eating flower petals and drinking honey tea made from her premium bees.  She shakes her head, “No, I want to go home.”

“But you’re always cooped up in your room,” he whines, “come on!  I’m sure you’ll enjoy the performance.  See?  People are laughing and seem to be having fun, so the performance must be really good.”

“No, I’m heading back,” she makes up her mind.  She flings away his hand.

“B-bu-but…” he watches on helplessly as she slowly disappears from his line of vision.  He looks back and forth from the performance and the direction she has gone off to, debating whether he should stay to watch the performance or chase after her.  He knows that it is not every day he would get to see and experience this kind of festival spirit.  However, he worries that Little Dragon Lady might run into danger on her way home all by herself.  Just when his mind is about to explode from the dilemma, he feels a tap on his shoulder.  It is Zhou Zhiruo, the girl from next door.

“Wuji da-ge,” she smiles shyly, “what a coincidence to see you here.”

“Hi Zhiruo,” he greets back.

“Want to see the performance together?” she points to the crowd and asks.

“Er…sure!” he is thankful that someone else has come along and made the decision for him.

He and Zhiruo join in the crowd to enjoy the performance.  As they clap and laugh because of the performance, the thought that Little Dragon Lady might, even remotely, be in danger slips completely from his mind.



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