Is It Really Out There? Re: Correspondence (Bloodstains)

Alright, what’s up with the past couple of days?  Don’t tell me that she is finally going to get me now?  Because I posted this?

Lol if so, then I’m flattered…but kinda a tiniest bit scared at the same time. XD

As always, Correspondence is an awesome piece of work (but I totally couldn’t keep up with the story at this point…such big gap between updates…@____@).  I will eventually have to re-read everything from the beginning.

Stats from yesterday…is Bloodstains going to update soon???


Stats of today so far…and the day hasn’t even ended. This story better be just a make-up story like all those fairy tales out there.


Ghost Information (and no, no ghostly pics)

Today, I’m going to dedicate this ghostly post for all the occult enthusiasts out there (and for the skeptics to shake their heads, “Nope, ghost doesn’t exist”, as a good warm-up exercise for their necks).  Hope one day there will be enough funding for scientists to explore more about this area, but for now, an affordable and accessible cure for cancer would be nice.

Here are some interesting and not-so-interesting information that I’ve gathered from a variety of sources over the years (internet, friends & family, radio shows, books, and etc.): Continue reading

An Irreversible Trade-off – Chapter Four

@ le beginning~

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Chapter Four – Staring Long into the Abyss


She whirled around, but she took a careful step backward. “Su-sunbae,” she tried to act normal, as if it was just an ordinary day that she happened to find him on the school campus.

“Why are you here?” he asked again in a low, serious tone. His eyes were menacing and filled with suspicions as he took each step forward.

The burnt corpse of Gina flashed across her mind. “I-I w-was assigned here,” she stammered. She had never stammered in front of him before.

“Well, you shouldn’t be here.” He grabbed her arm, shoved her out of the room, and shut the door on her face. Continue reading

An Irreversible Trade-off – Chapter Three

To the beginning~!

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Chapter Three – The Thorns of Roses


Soeun sat on the expensive silk bed, staring at the magnificent dream in front of her – the Victorian furnishings, closet of luxurious clothing, and drawers filled with beautiful jewelleries that would make any girl felt as though she was a real princess. However, she was no longer a fool blinded from the ugliness and dangers beyond the boundaries of this marvelous cage. It would have took every ounce of her strength to drag herself back here if it wasn’t for the ticking of the pocket watch that kept her sane. Continue reading

An Irreversible Trade-off – Chapter Two

If I’m home with a proper computer (instead of a mobile phone despite of its convenience these days), I would be uploading porn pics (food porn, to be precise) for all you perverts out there. But, I’m not, so please bear with moi as I continue with this strange adventure. XD

@ le beginning here.

Last chapitre ici.

And the next chapitre here.

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An Irreversible Trade-off – Chapter One

A particular cute guy kinda reminded me this blog’s inactivity as of late. ^^” Anywhoo~ just another filler post today since I still don’t have access to a computer at the moment and thus, I can’t do anything productive (not that I do much of anything productive even with a computer in front of me anyways). XD

Now, without further ado, dive into this fanfic world to your heart’s content. =D

Prologue here.

Next chapter here.

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An Irreversible Trade-off – Prologue

Currently on a trip, but want to slowly get back into blogging. I believe that I’ve never hide the fact that I’m a fanfic writer and enjoy fanfic writing very much (a good comparison is guys and their love for gaming).

As a bit of a filler as I slowly get back to blogging randomness, I present you with one of my experimental fanfics starring Kim Soeun and Song Jaerim! =D

Since it’s a fanfic, for those individuals who rarely invest their time in, you might notice how less descriptive it can be when comparing to “real novels”, especially where it concerns the description of the characters’ appearances.  Also, fanfic writers rarely get any help on story editing, let alone getting professional editing work done on their stories.

Okay, let’s get the ball rolling.

Summary: Kim Soeun has graduated from university six months ago and is now a new member of the NEET (Not in Education, Employment, or Training) society. Just when she thought her luck couldn’t get any worse, a devil appeared and offered her a deal – to become his son’s bride.






**Because it’s a horror story, there might be some aspects that are not for those with sensitive stomachs, so readers’ discretion is advised.

Chapter One here.

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