A Wish that Cannot Come True Becomes a Regret

Once in a while, a lot come at us all at once that we would wish that we were born blind, born deaf, even born mute and ignorant so that we don’t see, don’t hear, don’t speak, and don’t understand the truth.

Even, when everything clearly right in front of us…saving what is already lost and most likely, cannot be saved.

To do the impossible, one has to be prepared to get burned, stabbed, and scarred.

To get burned in order to save, then be prepared for the Hell’s fire that shall give you eternal agony.  You will wish that you have never been born.

To get stabbed in order to save, then be prepared for the sharpest ice blade piercing into your heart and shattered it to ashes.  You will wish that you never have a heart to begin with.

To get scarred in order to save, then be prepared for the seemingly endless repetition in your mind, like a haunting ghost that will always follow you.  You will wish that you were dead completely.

On a nice note, these will all just be a nice faraway memory with the utmost nostalgia if we can save and perform a miracle…a simple wish.

A simple wish…to love.

But to love is to prepare for regrets.

Regret because you fear.

Regret because you guilt.

Regret because you hesitate.

But because love is love, there is always bound to be a solution…even if it is hidden.

Seemingly invisible to the naked eyes.

Seemingly inaudible to the attentive ears.

Seemingly song-less to the mermaid lips.

Seemingly non-existent to the ignorant mind.

But it is there for what it is worth.

Nevertheless, without effort, mountain of regrets will be all you shall see.


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