About CapriquariusMei

Currently just a self-proclaimed awesome fanfic writer & extraordinary webtoon artist by night and a fantastic, super duper worker by day.  =D

I write and create to keep myself sane so that I can act as a proper and functional member of society. Heh.

Therefore, I dedicate this blog to express my thoughts about writing, other creative projects, and a lot of random stuff.


https://instagram.com/jewelsbykenzie (my source for handmade jewellery, foodporn, humour, and lots of fun and kindness~ ^^  No, I’m really just weird, that’s all~ XD)


https://twitter.com/CapriquariusMei   (literally created this account so that I can enter the webtoon contest…which, btw, I did not win.)


6 thoughts on “About CapriquariusMei

  1. Hi! I actually stumbled upon your post about Sojin Ahn today (I was referred). I didn’t know Sojin Ahn that well; I only watched Baby Kara a couple of weeks before she passed and her death really affected me. So I can’t imagine how a Sojin fan might have felt. Anyway, thanks again for reading and linking my post. Happy writing and blogging! ^.^

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    • Thanks for dropping a comment here (seriously, really thankful that you took the time to find your way here)! ^^

      Your post about Ahn Sojin & the Kpop trainee system is really awesome in that it helps to inform others the less glamours side about the industry. I suddenly thought about Ahn Sojin again today as I was going through my stories (trying to revise them). I found it particularly hard to go through this one particular story that she was in because I kept thinking of “what ifs”. Thus, the “what ifs” have prompted me to find a post about Ahn Sojin’s incident that’s perhaps at least a little bit more informative/educational than the average tabloid news so that I don’t need to explain as much as I write about my sentiment with regards to the trainee (despite the popularity of Kpop, there are still a lot of Kpop fans out there who don’t know the incident) and your post definitely fulfil those requirements. ^^ Hope you didn’t mind about me linking to your post! ^^”

      By the way, you have a wonderful blog about books! I actually already have it bookmarked in case I need book recommendations! ^^ You too, happy blogging (& writing too if you do that too) and stay healthy!! ^^

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      • I absolutely agree. I think a lot of us K-pop fans forget that there’s a darker side to this industry, so it’s likely people new to K-pop have even more limited knowledge on the fact. It’s been a long time since I’ve last read that post. When I read it yesterday, there was a ton of obvious bias and lack of professionalism, which I feel kind of embarrassed about now (since a good number of people have read it since I’ve posted it). Anyway, I’m so glad it was of some help to you. And of course not! Thank you for taking the initiative to link back. I was able to find you because of it!

        And thanks so much for the kind words. All the best to you! 😀

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  2. Hi! You sound really familiar 😛
    Your name and the way you talk… are you on other sites?
    I feel like I may have talked to you before elsewhere, either on a FF site or some online gaming community…


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