Oh My Rice

Rice, as plain as it looks and sounds, it can be one of the most versatile main dishes…especially, in the land of comfort food!  ^^

Whenever I want to snack on something that’s not so “snack-like” these days, I would prepare this (I’ll just call it “Oh My Rice” since I’m too lazy to come up with a more appropriate name and I can’t seem to find such a “disgustingly comforting” recipe on the net):

Oh My Rice Ingredients (for one serving):

Rice – preferably white rice, even though it’s not as healthy, it tastes great with this comfort dish.  Approximately one cup to the rice cooker.

Sugar – adjust to your taste…but usually between 1 to 1.5 spoonful sounds deliciously legit Continue reading


A Time-Travel with Dramas

It has been a while since my last blog post, so I might be losing my touch with how I usually write these posts (not that I have any particular style to begin with).  Anyways, today I just want to spazz about some of the dramas I always seem to come back to almost year after year even though they might or might not be “outstanding” at all in terms of acting, plot, and cinematography-wise.  Heck, some of these dramas wouldn’t even make my top ten list.  However, they are dramas that I tend to go back to time and time again for whatever mundane reasons.  I’m not sure if I can categorize them as “guilty pleasure dramas”, but they certainly provide some level of comfort whenever the present drama land is being shitty on poor old me who’s getting older & less energetic each passing day (these days, I just drop onto my bed & sleep immediately after work @___@).  Anyways, enough about my sleep-deprived situation (as I’m pretty much always sleep-deprived anyways since high school).  And, yes, it’s a definitely a “time-travel” post today.

Anyways, not in any particular order and surprisingly, only one C-drama from mainland China (despite that I have a few more that would have made it to my top ten list):

Autumn’s Concerto

A Taiwanese idol drama starring Vanness Wu and Ady An.

A Taiwanese idol drama starring Vanness Wu and Ady An.

Usually I can’t take anything that has an “idol romance-melodramatic” vibe to it.  But surprisingly, this one works for me as it continues to spoil me with awesome OSTs and scenes of a particular cute child actor throughout all the “melodrama-mess” (& no, it’s not a typo).  Asides from the main leads’ chemistry, a few good actors, and the cute kid, the plot is actually quite…typical.  I rewatch this at least once every couple of years because of all the heart-throbbing moments between the main leads (& again, to “aw…” at the cute kid). Continue reading