Is It Really Out There? Re: Correspondence (Bloodstains)

Alright, what’s up with the past couple of days?  Don’t tell me that she is finally going to get me now?  Because I posted this?

Lol if so, then I’m flattered…but kinda a tiniest bit scared at the same time. XD

As always, Correspondence is an awesome piece of work (but I totally couldn’t keep up with the story at this point…such big gap between updates…@____@).  I will eventually have to re-read everything from the beginning.

Stats from yesterday…is Bloodstains going to update soon???


Stats of today so far…and the day hasn’t even ended. This story better be just a make-up story like all those fairy tales out there.


Correspondence (Bloodstains) – Taking Advantage of the Internet Platform

Because who needs sleep anyways?

Because who needs sleep anyways?

Those who have never checked out the Correspondence series by Bloodstains cannot be said that they have truly visited the No Sleep subreddit.  I have been putting this post off for a while now because even though I knew it’s just a story, I still can’t help but become paranoid that I would suddenly get myself tangled in this scary tale as a participant — no longer just a reader — should Bloodstains know about it (though, of course he or she would know about it because I’ll be sending him or her a courtesy notice right after I post this T___T). Continue reading