Why Silent Readers Are Dangerous to Writers

This is a repost from WoodWitchofSuburbia’s blog over at AFF.  I think she put forth a great message for the writing & reading community all around (& really, the entire art community in general), so I just want to help spread the message here too.  Please do check out her fantastic fanfics here too!  ^^

I’ve been around the internet for a long time, in fact most of my childhood was spent on the internet. At 23-going-on-24, I think it’s safe to say I have quite a bit of experience with internet communities, how they function, and what good and bad there is in the online community.

When I was younger, the idea of “silent readers” was not as common as it is today. The fanfic community was alive and well, full of conversation where the authors of the stories were able to be involved with their readerbase and know who was reading their story and what was good or bad about it. The fanfic world was thriving, constantly growing. Today, I would say the fanfic community is struggling to stay afloat. Not because there’s no one willing to write fanfiction anymore, but that nobody chooses to say anything when reading. Continue reading


A Review on “Spicy Garden” & Monkey Madness

As a few people get to enjoy seeing my male god (aka the eternal Eason Chan) in person this past Sunday (*ahem* you know who you are), I kinda had to head to bed early because the very next day (dreadful Monday) was another stock-up day (which btw, has almost made me lose complete interest in shopping).  Monday is supposed be to our only day-off of the week, but since we always have to be on the go to several places in the city to stock-up & take care of various business matters, we rarely get a chance to properly sit down and eat on Mondays.  However, this past Monday was slightly different since we’ve finally been able to get a bit of breathing room and so, we decided to try out at one of the few Asian restaurants in Saskatoon.

Vancouver friends, please be warned, the average “Asian” restaurants here might not be sufficient to satisfy an average Vancourite’s palate. =/

We decided to try out Spicy Garden after a long day (& also, it had been a long while since we had any Vietnamese cuisine).

We decided to try out Spicy Garden after a long day (& also, it had been a long while since we had any Vietnamese cuisine).

Two things came as a surprises at Spicy Garden: Continue reading

My To-Watch Drama List

I posted this initially over at AFF about a week ago as I continued to fight the slow internet (then, I got bored & decided to troll others with my weird stories, but that’s an entirely different story for another day XD).  Just some random thoughts as I jog down some titles so that I can refer back later on.  ^^”

Chinese Dramas:  

*HOLY MOLY, there are just way too many good Chinese dramas nowadays that I’m really having a hard time to keep track of my To-Watch list.  XD  Compare to just a few short years ago, Chinese productions have really up-scaled in quality.  Can’t say that I’m not impressed. Continue reading

On Road to Annaheim (aka My New Home)

Can’t say I’m not surprised to know that people are still checking this blog (based on stats).  O___O  Hm…are you guys just checking if I suddenly dropped dead?  XD Well, here’s my answer to you. lol.

This is an obviously long overdue post since I just got my PC set up recently (been using my phone & crappy decade-old laptop for work for almost two months).  And then, I just got my good internet set up this morning (been using crappy internet as of late).  For those who know & stalk me (lol what a nice way to label friends XD), I’ve just recently moved from “a city life” to a very “small town life”.  Completely changed my career path too and now, I am trying to learn the ropes of running a business as fast as I can.  Oh yea, this post is mainly a “photo fest”.


This is my last daytime photo of downtown Vancouver until…probably a long, long while.

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