Correspondence (Bloodstains) – Taking Advantage of the Internet Platform

Because who needs sleep anyways?

Because who needs sleep anyways?

Those who have never checked out the Correspondence series by Bloodstains cannot be said that they have truly visited the No Sleep subreddit.  I have been putting this post off for a while now because even though I knew it’s just a story, I still can’t help but become paranoid that I would suddenly get myself tangled in this scary tale as a participant — no longer just a reader — should Bloodstains know about it (though, of course he or she would know about it because I’ll be sending him or her a courtesy notice right after I post this T___T).

This story starts about three years ago (going into its fourth year of running) and is an outstandingly well-researched horror story.  Without giving too much away, the story mainly takes place in Toronto, and focuses on the haunted house on Kirby Road and the nearby tombstone with the engraved words, “I’M A CUTE KID”.  These are all real places,  google it and confirm it yourself by all means (if you’re brave enough).  Man, I feel bad for the Toronto residents who read this story (which by the way, there are quite a number of them who follow the story).  Though (greedily), I’m very glad that I live in the far western part of Canada…so what ever will happen won’t get to me as easily, right?

When I first read this story, my brain almost trolled me into thinking that this is not a story but an series of email correspondences that some college dude just post it up on reddit to trip his roommate over.  Then, the emails became strange and the ball started snowing down the big, steep hill.  In a sense, it’s like watching The Ring, but you’re not actually watching the damned video in front of your television screen; you are reading a damned chain of correspondences on reddit.  Seriously,  people who read this before sleep probably aren’t looking to sleep anyways — the story has the caffeine effect, you may say.  So how does Bloodstains take advantage of the modern internet forum-like platforms such as reddit?  And how does he or she make this story a unique horror ride for horror lovers?  Here are several observations I have made:

1) The unique presentation of the story in that it would take the form of email correspondences, hacked transcribed dialogues from telephone companies, and written documents saved in computer drives of various organizations.  Some poor souls even tried the email accounts that are displayed on the email correspondences and unfortunately, these email accounts are real much to their dismay…or okay, maybe excitement (though, these are throwaway accounts).

2) The identity of Bloodstains remains a mystery.  In fact, except for the Correspondence updates, he or she almost never writes in any other subreddits or other people’s posts at all (except to congratulate a fellow writer, even then he or she was still totally in character).  Also, he or she never participates in the discussions with regards to his or her story.

3) Bloodstains has done great research to make everything believable (people who drives by Kirby Road every morning could feel this the most).

4) Bloodstains is extremely patient.  He or she has made several throwaway accounts of which a few actually participated in the story discussions.  This stirs fear in the majority of readers (especially in the beginning when this happened) and some even think they’re next.  For example, a notable throwaway account is by the username, GinNMiskatonics.  Many readers observed that before this user got “possessed”, he actually seemed like a normal redditor, making posts on a variety of topics and actually participated in discussions like a normal human being.  However, after he got possessed, he started banging on the keyboard like a twelve years old.

Posts made when GinNMiskatonics was "normal".

Posts made when GinNMiskatonics was “normal”.

Most people would probably just end the research and confirm it by the fifth or sixth page of GinNMiskatonics’s user account.  However, I was bored enough to click through the end and you know what I have found?  GinNMiskatonics’s reddit account was created only around four years ago (going into its fifth year), so there is a huge possibility that Bloodstains has made this account prior to the story in order to “create an actual person” that you or me might know.  Then, bam!  Suddenly, this friend of ours got possessed by a twelve years old.  Or maybe, I have thought too highly of the author and this GinNMiskatonics account was actually the author’s normal reddit account until he or she thought of creating havoc in the Correspondence discussion.  Or, he or she could have asked someone to give him or her the reddit account to serve the story’s purpose (though, I highly doubt this route because Bloodstains probably wouldn’t want to risk his or her identity being exposed by others).

GinNMiskatonics got possessed by a twelve years old, unfortunately.

GinNMiskatonics got possessed by a twelve years old, unfortunately.  Apparently, one can even find hidden messages in this user’s posts sometimes.

5) Following from the fourth point, one can see that this horror story is a particularly interactive one.  Therefore, people who are reading this story should definitely not miss the action in the discussion that follows by Bloodstains’s updated post.

6) There are links to pictures & videos to go along with the story.  From what others have stated (I’m too much of a scaredy-cat to click on any of those links, ever), the pictures & videos (would look like views from a security camera) are sometimes a bit blurred and ambiguous, but definitely get the message across effectively.

7) Whenever there’s an update, it’s always posted at exactly 12AM (EST).

Okay, if I rumble on any further, I might risk spoiling the entire story, so I will end it here gracefully.  Also, I better go and send Bloodstains the courtesy notice.  If you still see new posts from this blog in the near future, then yes, thank god I’m still alive. ^^


3 thoughts on “Correspondence (Bloodstains) – Taking Advantage of the Internet Platform

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    • Oh yes, definitely! When I first get into the story, I was thinking that it was just a story, but then things got weirder that I wasn’t sure if it was just a story. Of course, at the end of the day, I still know it’s just story, but it has that kind of effect on the readers (aka “not sure if it’s real or not”) because it’s just that awesome! I love how meticulous the author is throughout the years.

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