Ghost Information (and no, no ghostly pics)

Today, I’m going to dedicate this ghostly post for all the occult enthusiasts out there (and for the skeptics to shake their heads, “Nope, ghost doesn’t exist”, as a good warm-up exercise for their necks).  Hope one day there will be enough funding for scientists to explore more about this area, but for now, an affordable and accessible cure for cancer would be nice.

Here are some interesting and not-so-interesting information that I’ve gathered from a variety of sources over the years (internet, friends & family, radio shows, books, and etc.): Continue reading


Leo’s Debut #8

It’s finally back and I realize just how cringe this is…asides from the shaky artwork.  But it’s cute and I love the cuddly characters, so I’m continuing it~ Mwahahahahahaha~~!!


A Scientific Attitude versus a Pseudo-scientific Attitude

Recently, I’ve been investing time in one of my most on & off hobbies again, astrology.  I’ve been recruiting kind-hearted volunteers *cough* guinea pigs *cough cough* to let me do a free reading for them so that I can sharpen my astrological chart reading skills while I also collect data and note down exceptions like a true scientist!  Sounds contradicting…?  Well, no.  Not one bit at all. Continue reading