Recommendations: Slice-of-life Webtoon & Manga

Sneaking a bit of time here to show my appreciation for all of my favourite webtoons/manga/manhwa of the slice-of-life genre. Hope these recommendations will make for a rather relaxing (or lazy) weekend for you folks! ^^

I enjoy a lot of slice-of-life stories and there are a lot of good ones, but for some reasons these five really left a print in my heart even after a long time.

Annarasumanara by Ha Il-kwon

What does it mean to grow up?

“Do you believe in magic?” starts this incredible coming-of-age story of a teenage girl name Yoon Ai.  Standing at as one of the top of her class academically, Yoon Ai is hurrying herself to grow up faster so that she can take care of her younger sister and escape poverty.  However, regardless of social status and economic situation, the journey of growing up is never easy. As the story unfolds, Yoon Ai will learn and accept herself.  She will also realize that the magic of innocence needn’t be given up despite of how tough life can be. Another lesson illustrated through this story is that sometimes we shouldn’t merely take things at face value.  This is a breathtakingly beautiful story full of metaphors and figurative speech that will just warm you up by the end of the day. Continue reading


A Wish that Cannot Come True Becomes a Regret

Once in a while, a lot come at us all at once that we would wish that we were born blind, born deaf, even born mute and ignorant so that we don’t see, don’t hear, don’t speak, and don’t understand the truth.

Even, when everything clearly right in front of us…saving what is already lost and most likely, cannot be saved.

To do the impossible, one has to be prepared to get burned, stabbed, and scarred. Continue reading

Doom+5 (末日+5) – Review/Brief Recap – Part 1

You can also read this over at cnewsdevotee as well.  So, whenever I post C-entertainment news or somewhat related, HK-entertainment news, I’ll post over there as well. =]

Doom+5 is another interesting experiment by HKTV in 2015.

Doom+5 is another interesting experiment by HKTV in 2015.

Doom+5 is another HKTV drama that I really enjoyed (amongst several others)…and left me longing for more, although I think the overall set-up is perfect the way it is.  This drama is short, with only 5 episodes, each focuses on a different character and how they deal with the knowledge that the world will end in less than 15 hours (although the poster says 14 hours…lol).  It’s been a while since I watched this. =____=”

What I like about this series are the risk they took with the cinematography, the almost nonsensical decisions/actions that each of the characters made, and the general fun philosophical aspects. Continue reading

Random Thoughts & Muses #001

Was debating rather I should do another throwback (& cringe-worthy) music post (mainly for a certain selection of friends….^^) or a random post….I decide on a random one because self-reflection is a healthy thing to do from time to time. ^^

Now, let the randomness roll~~~~~~~~~~~ =D Continue reading