G-Friend Should Do More Cover Songs from the 90s British Pop Groups

I thought I would make a post some other time because I want to focus on my writings, but then I have to come across IATFB’s post over at AsianJunkie with regards to G-Friend’s covered performance of S Club 7’s Bring It All Back.

His prediction about 20-something bloggers would worship them after this cover song is absolutely reasonable…because I’ll become one of those bloggers very soon if G-Friend continues to walk down the path of “renewing the old” route (preferably renew the 90s because 90s pop music simply works the best with G-Friend’s innocent girlfriend/school girl image) .  In fact, they might even replace my love for Apink eventually.  Okay, maybe not completely because I still like Apink’s visuals better, as vain as I might sound.

Yep, this is a complete fan post from moi.



Fanfic Interview Series – cuteismysterious, the Fantasy K-Drama Writer

Woohoo!  The Fanfic Interview Series is back and this time I have interviewed cuteismysterious, one of the most imaginative and fast-improving writers that I have the fortune to encounter.  Most of her fanfic stories (EXO’s Byun Baekhyun being her ultimate bias ^^) have the kind of fantasy-romance vibe that one could easily identify with K-Dramas such as Secret Garden, My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tail Fox, and etc.  In fact, I often feel as though I’m watching a drama whenever I read one of her stories.  Besides her story-telling skills, the factor that has wowed me enough to “pester” her with an interview is her strong determination to improve herself as a writer.  In just a few short months, her command of the English language and grammar has improved tremendously.  Oxymoron, is a good example of how far she has come as a writer since her earlier works.

Anyways, without further ado, here’s the interview [CU = cuteismysterious; CA = CapriquariusMei]: Continue reading

Gloomy Sunday

Gloomy Sunday (aka the “Hungarian Suicide Song”) is a famous song composed by Rezső Seress during the early 1930s, the time of the Great Depression.  Urban legends have it that this song compel its listeners to commit suicides much like how vampires compel their victims to give up their fresh, healthy blood for the glory of Satan.  ^^  In fact, it’s interesting to note that due to the high suicidal rate, the BBC has had banned the song from broadcasting for more than 60 years.  Ridiculous?  Maybe.

After listening to both the original and Billie Holiday’s versions of the song, here are my thoughts: Continue reading

Liebster Award Nomination


A big thanks to abyssbrain (aka “funny math genius” of the blogosphere) for the Liebster Award nomination!  Those who hate math with a passion should pay abyssbrain’s blog a visit, because it might just persuade you to love the subject.  As for those who are already in love with math, you should definitely still check it out, because it might give you a whole new perspective of looking at your favourite subject. Continue reading

A Writer’s Block – Definition of “First Love”

Recently, I got obstructed with a frustrating writer’s block.  It started with the detailing of a character sketch (let’s assume it’s Princess Mermaid) and…that was when I encountered a problem – just who was her first love?  Well you see, Princess Mermaid had an unrequited love that had taken her almost a decade to forget before she eventually dated a false gentleman (of whom she had never truly loved) seriously for a brief while until he decided to cheat on her.  Just who was her first love – the first guy she had a serious crush on or the first guy she ever dated?  *Note: this is just a supporting character, and no, I’m not writing a straight-forward love story…never really my cup of tea anyways.* Continue reading

A Journey of Imagination at VanDusen Garden

Today is another interesting outing with Rapunzel, but this time we act “less” foreign tourist-like than the last time. However, today is not any less embarrassing than the last time (when we have acted like a couple of foreign tourists) because of my incapability to use the selfie stick properly. XD  Therefore, I will spare everyone the second-hand embarrassment of our selfies.

Today’s journey is a special case in which both Rapunzel and I have to make use of our great imagination for the majority of the time since, apparently, not all of the plants at VanDusen Botanical Garden have bloomed yet.  Thanks, Rapunzel, for coming up with the name “A Journey of Imagination”. XD

It was raining a bit during the morning, so since none of us minded a little rain, we went forth with our plan to visit the garden. Fortunately, the weather got better as we walked through the garden.

It was raining a bit during the morning, but since none of us minded a little rain, we went forth with our plan to visit the garden. Fortunately, the weather got better as we walked through the garden.

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My Eventful Journey to Reconnect with a Friend

I’ve been trying to reconnect with a dear friend of mine (let’s just call her That Kawaii Friend) of whom I have lost touch with since a few years ago when she had to move to China to work at one of the big four accounting firms there.  When she first landed in Beijing, we were still able to talk to each other over emails using hotmail accounts.  Unfortunately, hotmail is pretty much dead these days and I don’t even have a hotmail account anymore (and she couldn’t receive emails from my gmail account either because China simply loathed gmail accounts).  Of course, we could have still contact each other over phone…but I didn’t have her phone number from China because she had just been starting to settle in Beijing (and she told me that the rent was hella expensive there) and I highly believed that she had lost my phone number along with the phone numbers of her other few dozens of friends (conclusion, especially after my journey to hunt her down thus far). Continue reading