Forever OTP in My Heart — Alex Fong & Stephy Tang

March 17, 2016 — marks the end of a decade long romance of Alex Fong & Stephy Tang…which is actually not very surprisingly for anyone who knows the basics of face reading.  I’m rather surprised that they have lasted this long.  O____O  For those of you who have listened to their duets before, you will realize how their songs pretty much sum up their bitter-sweet relationship throughout the decade.  Anyways, despite everything, they’re still one of my favourite on-screen couples…otherwise, I wouldn’t have bothered to watch any of those crappy movies starring them.

Latest movie, Anniversary.

From their latest collaboration, Anniversary.  This is my favourite movie of them…L for Love and L for Lies follows right after.  ^^

Alrighty, this is really a tribute post of their awesome duets that have left a tiny footprint in my younger days.  As usual, all song titles are roughly translated by moi. Continue reading