Vegetarian Kimchi Meets Almost Plain Rice Noodle

A few days ago, after I lurked around Food Critic’s food porn collection on Facebook (Japanese trip edition), my envy just wouldn’t go away so I decided to make kimchi to distract myself from the jaded monster inside of me.  Actually for a vegetarian like me who practically lives away from all things Asian, home-made kimchi is a pretty good idea to keep my head sane.

Since there’s a gazillion of recipes out there for home-made kimchi, I’m not going to get into the detail too much with regards to the ingredient proportion (haha…you caught me, my faithful lurkers — I’m just freakin’ lazy & forgetful).  ^^Y Continue reading


Day Day Up Discovery

I used watch this Chinese variety show, Day Day Up, quite avidly because the hosts were funny and there were quite a bit of bromance going on (intended or not)…but eventually, the show was becoming a bit of a “rinse & repeat” thing and I got distracted with other variety shows (ie.Grade One – the ONLY variety show that I re-watch so far in my life because the kids are just so darn cute & the teachers are awesome) .  However, since one of my favourite Korean celebrity (Kim Eunsung), who happens to be one of the hosts of the show, is going to be enlisted into the army soon, I thought it would be nice to watch his last recording for the show (until most likely, two years later).

Kim Eunsung...because of his background & professionalism, I'll always have a soft spot for him.

Kim Eunsung…because of his background & professionalism, I’ll always have a soft spot for him.

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