My First Taste of the Fanfiction World

I was pulled into the world of fanfiction for the very first time when I was in eighth grade and there was this angst/tragedy story about some South Korean actors that was passing around in my group of girlfriends.  Now that I looked back, the story was not very logical and there were a tons of Mary-sues and Gary-stus (though, it was well-written in terms of grammar and spelling).  However, at that time it moved me to tears…very embarrassing.  Anyways, at that time I was still not aware of “Fanfiction” until I did a quick Google search to find similar stories and ended up on the website. Continue reading


A New Addiction – Abnormal Summit (aka Non-Summit)

Abnormal Summit is a South Korean variety-talk show, with the exception of the three Korean hosts, the rest of the permanent “G11” cast members are from various countries and backgrounds.  As it is a talk show, a guest would present a topic each week for the G11 cast to discuss and debate about.  The topics could range anything from the different countries’ view of marriage to the meaning of dreams & happiness.  As South Korea continues to influence the younger generation around the global and exercise the nation’s soft power through the K-pop culture, the country inevitably exposes some of its flaws. Continue reading

At the Closing of a Story

When I was young, I was naive and irresponsible.  Many things fascinated me, but I never took more than three minutes to get to know what was beyond the surface.  As soon as I got the answer I wanted, I moved on.  With such fickle personality, it’s not hard to imagine that I have spent most of my youth wandering between this and that.  I’m still doing that, but I’m trying to change.  One of my goals for change is to stick to a story until the end.   Continue reading

The Backstage Crew Perspective

Lights, Camera, Action!

Whenever I watch a show or movie, I might be captivated by the actors’ performance.  However, deep in my heart, I know I admire and respect the backstage crew the most for putting the majority of the hardwork together the most.  The actors are the passive, spongy children that keep taking in information in order to make their characters come alive.  The backstage crew (ie. from the script writer, director, to the cameraman, and etc.)are the proactive, nurturing parents that ensure the final product would turn out right.  Okay…seems like  I should leave making analogies for awhile. Continue reading

From Fanfic Writer to a Real Publishing Author

Back in the days, people looked down on fanfic writers (for example, Anne Rice once thought fanfics were the source of all evil in the creative writing realm).  Okay, maybe some still do today.  Heck, even the fanfic writers would sometimes look down on themselves.  Those around the fanfic writers (usually parents) think that for each fanfic chapter they write they are giving up a portion of the money that they could have realized through publishing an original novel.  However, just like the days when videos and DVD suddenly became outdated and everything turned digital, the landscape and perception of fanfic writing would suddenly change too one day.  In fact, I see that it is beginning to change. Continue reading