A Beginning Worse than Trash TV: Ultra Rich Asian Girls of Vancouver

I’m not used to making “Holiday Greetings” posts.  In fact, I think it’s a complete waste of time in that holiday greeting posts do not contain, or at least rarely, any actual content that could remotely perk the interest of others (aka “mind-simulating”).  Making a post around New Year’s Eve (or maybe New Year’s Day for some of you already) is the closest holiday greeting that I can offer.  Okay, moving on.

Since last summer (around June 2013), I have been anticipating the Vancouver reality show, Ultra Rich Asian Girls of Vancouver, that focuses on the lives of the rich second generation Chinese girls who reside in Vancouver, the place I have grown up in. Continue reading


Fanfic Interview Series – Transmigratory, the Animated Writer: Part III (Final)

Another drabble from Transmigratory.  A kind reminder:  please join the HitsuRuki army.  Okay, that has nothing to do with this drabble.  Moving on~

Sky’s the Limit

If I reached out…  a little bit more…


Would I be able to see that blue, blue sky?…


“… … …” The boy wearily opened his eyes, taking in his surroundings only to find that he couldn’t see anything.  It was pitch black, as if his eyes were still closed or he was still in a void dream. Continue reading

Fanfic Interview Series – Transmigratory, the Animated Writer: Part II

Transmigratory has kindly provided me with two drabbles (though they were for another reason) that I believe it would be perfect to fit with this interview.   However, choosing which one to feature was a difficult decision because I like both equally well, but each in its own ways.  So, what am I going to do?  I’m going to be a liar this time and turn this into a three-parts interview instead, with part two and three featuring the two drabbles.  Okay, without further ado, this following is a drabble with regards to Soul Eater, the anime/manga, titled Soul x Maka.  Enjoy!

Soul x Maka

Fighting was just like dancing for them.  Like when Maka would occasionally visit Soul’s mind for a dance or two, with Soul leading her most of the way.  He would pace them to a slow, comfortable tempo in order to match Maka’s clumsy skills and she wouldn’t object. Continue reading

Fanfic Interview Series – Transmigratory, the Animated Writer: Part I

Using my blog as an excuse to stalk & interview has been on my mind even before my first blog post here.  Well, as most of you probably figured, one of my ambitions via this blog is to promote fanfictions.  Though, finding the interviewees have been quite a daunting task (for those fanfic writers that haven’t heard anything from me yet, well…you will eventually =] ) and locking down to see who should be my first interviewee is even more daunting…Until I met Transmigratory (used to be Usamaro – totally gave me a fright when she changed her online alias all of a sudden and so soon after I met her too!), or more precisely, until I read one of her stories, Sounding Resonance,  that she asked me to review.  Her light novel writing style had instantly captivated me with its subtle humour and thriller-packed adventurism.  Just when I wondered how I should approach her about an interview, she suddenly approached me to apply as a reviewer at my story review shop.  Fate is a funny thing. Continue reading

4 Fan Fiction Tropes Found in K-Dramas | Beyond Hallyu

Just when I thought I should be heading to bed, I found an article that briefly (but nonetheless, quite analytically) touched the parallelism between fanfictions and K-dramas.  It would do you (fanfic) writers good to give this a quick read at least, especially if you are going to write your first (fanfic) story.  As I mentioned before near the end of one my posts, it’s good to get an idea out of your system.  However, before you go ahead and do that, please try and do a bit of planning if you wish to save your story from looking exactly like all the rest of the common ones drowned in the big, wide sea.  Of course, if you don’t mind, then jump!  Jump and never look back! =]

4 Fan Fiction Tropes Found in K-Dramas | Beyond Hallyu

Bii – The Perfect Blend of C-Pop & K-Pop

Maybe it’s the holiday season in me that dictates the bombarding of C-pop posts…Okay, I’ll just blame it on the holiday season. =]  This C-pop post dedicates to Bii – the half-Taiwanese & Korean singer.  Aha, at least I’m not talking about male idol group this time.  He’s one of my favourite Chinese ballad singer (the other one is Eason Chan – coincidentally one of Bii’s musical influence).

Bii - full name is Bi Shujin (or Pil Seojin in Korean)

Bii – full name is Bi Shujin (or Pil Seojin in Korean)

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A Tribute – Top Combine: The First Famous Male Idol Group in the Mainland C-pop Scene

I don’t why, but I just want to be a crazy fangirl these days.  I have listened to a lot of k-pop music, but for some reasons I have never felt the urge to write anything about it.  Listening to c-pop again, I have more appreciation for the c-pop entertainment scene all of a sudden.  Okay, let’s move on with the topic of the day: Top Combine (TC).  This is a c-pop male idol group debuted in 2007.

Top Combine - Jin Ensheng (Kim Eunsung), Liu Zhoucheng, Ma Xueyang, Zhang Yuan

Top Combine – Jin Ensheng (Kim Eunsung – Yes, he is Korean), Liu Zhoucheng, Ma Xueyang, Zhang Yuan (from left to right)

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