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Please note that this gif has nothing to do with this post other than the fact they're Asians. Just want something to fill in the void of the this post. XD

Please note that this gif has nothing to do with this post other than the fact they’re Asians (& this post is Asian-related). Just want something to fill in the void of the this post la~ XD

Over the last few months, I noticed that some visitors have mistaken this blog as an Asian entertainment blog.  Well, it’s not.  However, I do have some recommendations!  Some of which are not for the faint of heart.   Continue reading


An Irreversible Trade-off – Chapter Four

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Chapter Four – Staring Long into the Abyss


She whirled around, but she took a careful step backward. “Su-sunbae,” she tried to act normal, as if it was just an ordinary day that she happened to find him on the school campus.

“Why are you here?” he asked again in a low, serious tone. His eyes were menacing and filled with suspicions as he took each step forward.

The burnt corpse of Gina flashed across her mind. “I-I w-was assigned here,” she stammered. She had never stammered in front of him before.

“Well, you shouldn’t be here.” He grabbed her arm, shoved her out of the room, and shut the door on her face. Continue reading

An Irreversible Trade-off – Chapter Three

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Chapter Three – The Thorns of Roses


Soeun sat on the expensive silk bed, staring at the magnificent dream in front of her – the Victorian furnishings, closet of luxurious clothing, and drawers filled with beautiful jewelleries that would make any girl felt as though she was a real princess. However, she was no longer a fool blinded from the ugliness and dangers beyond the boundaries of this marvelous cage. It would have took every ounce of her strength to drag herself back here if it wasn’t for the ticking of the pocket watch that kept her sane. Continue reading

An Irreversible Trade-off – Chapter Two

If I’m home with a proper computer (instead of a mobile phone despite of its convenience these days), I would be uploading porn pics (food porn, to be precise) for all you perverts out there. But, I’m not, so please bear with moi as I continue with this strange adventure. XD

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An Irreversible Trade-off – Chapter One

A particular cute guy kinda reminded me this blog’s inactivity as of late. ^^” Anywhoo~ just another filler post today since I still don’t have access to a computer at the moment and thus, I can’t do anything productive (not that I do much of anything productive even with a computer in front of me anyways). XD

Now, without further ado, dive into this fanfic world to your heart’s content. =D

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