Li Yifeng’s New Movie – “Forever Young” – Just a Brief Review

Since I’ve been throwing clues here and there these days (at AFF) that my latest obsession is Li Yifeng, it shouldn’t really be a surprise that I write another post about him again so soon (again, at AFF).  I’ll eventually write out a full tribute post about him when my mind is a little more sane — or insane, either way is fine, just not borderline like now @__@.

I have recently watched his latest movie, Forever Young (directed by He Jiong – one of the top variety show hosts in China as well as a teacher in the Arabic language), and let’s be honest here, Li Yifeng is not exactly the greatest actor (decent, but not great like Song Joongki…well, I’ll cut him some slacks since he is originally a singer).  So, I’ve initially decided to give this movie a try simply because he is an eye-candy (well, also because the plot-line seems somewhat interesting).  

He Jiong’s directorial debut starring Li Yifeng, Zhang Huiwen, and a bunch of eye-candies.

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Lee Jung Hee Case – A Scam?

I think as a blogger, or a “person who provides information to the mass” (nope, doesn’t necessary have to be a journalist) in general, I try to maintain impartiality on serious posts despite of my actual stance on the issues (which to be frank, I really don’t have a stance for this Lee Jung Hee case, since my intention from the start is just to make sure that the truth will be revealed and that justice will be served). Continue reading

Justice Served!

Remember this post, Help Lee Jung Hee?  Well, just a brief update for those who don’t check the news very often.  So far, Ms. Lee is finally granted divorce by the court and the custody of her two sons!  Although, there is still a long way to go (still have the lawsuits against her ex-husband’s criminal conducts going on), this happy news goes to show you that justice will eventually be served even though the journey seems extremely difficult at first.  This also shows that the tireless efforts of ordinary citizens around the world to call forth justice for Ms. Lee Jung Hee should never be dismissed.  Of course, social media is quite awesome at this point.

Read about the happy news here at Soompi or on Facebook.

Herbs & Berries Yogurt

Plain yogurt is one of the most versatile food ingredients in the world.  You can make dessert with it, make salad with it, or you can make curry with it.  Also, it’s one of vegetarians’ best friends.

Here’s a dessert 5-minutes or under recipe for you to enjoy on a beautiful afternoon:

Herbs & Berries Yogurt...

Herbs & Berries Yogurt…

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Remember all the efforts that I have made to reconnect with a close but VERY “anti-social media” friend (That Kawaii Friend) a few months ago?  Well, I’m happy to announce that the reconnection is a total success!!  ^^  Of course, it’s undeniable that luck has played a big part in this as she’s not really a social media person (and I’ve been just a tiny bit better than her on this regards previously, and now slowly improving…though, not really sure if this is a good thing or not @___@). Continue reading