In a Minute

Just a short passage from one of my experimental fanfics, An Irreversible Trade-Off, that I’ve suddenly remembered and made me wonder just what the heck am I doing with all my minutes recently?  Anyways, here it is for you to ponder over your beautiful weekend:

What was a minute?

Numerically, it was simply sixty seconds.

Realistically, it was the amount of time a young man used to run down several blocks in order to avoid the wrath of his girlfriend for being late for their date again.  It was the amount of time a rebellious young lady used to search her house key that was misplaced in her handbag after a long night of drinking and wild partying.  It was the most significant minute in a high school student’s life as she took the courage to confess to her crush.  An intern with the worst luck to work overtime on a beautiful Saturday finally got his break to enjoy a soda pop over the, otherwise insignificant, one minute.  Every second in that minute became equally and lovingly precious when the son hugged his fragile mother for the first time again in ten years.

One minute – or sixty seconds – was a fleeting moment of possibilities.


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