My Lovely List – Part I

Below is just a class exercise from my distant past.  Yes, another excuse to procrastinate from LSAT prep. Heh. 😛

A simple list of things, people, or occurrences that I find lovely (not in any particular order):

1) Petrichor is lovely.

2) The warm sunlight that settles gently on my arms as I place them on the window sill is lovely.

3) The carefree laughter of children running in the park is lovely.

4) Waking up naturally from a slumber is very lovely indeed.

5) The sound and vibration of heavy rain hitting the silver pavement are lovely.

6) Eason Chan’s voice will always be lovely to me.

7) The bitter sweetness of black lychee tea is lovely.

8) Outing with friend(s) on a beautiful afternoon is lovely.

9) Sunlight shinning through tree branches is lovely.

10) A walk around the neighbourhood park is light-hearted and lovely.

11) The smell of new books is lovely.

12) Studying in the library is lovely.

13) Falling in love can be a heart-wrenching process, but is still undeniably lovely.

14) An epiphany is lovely.

15) Genuine smiles of dearly beloved ones are always lovely.

16) The clear, starry sky is lovely.

17) The perfect heavenly balance of hotness and coldness of almost any dessert is overloaded with loveliness.

18) Mutual love is miraculously lovely.

19) I’ll assume that seeing my reflection in my lover’s eyes should be very lovely.

20) Sightseeing without a care in the world is very lovely.

21) Reading on a rainy day is lovely.

22) The cute drawings by children at the end of the new Old Master Q comics are lovely.

23) Intellectual debates are lovely.

24) Random debates with friends are always lovely.

25) Lying on my back on the living room floor without any reason is lovely.

26) Facebook pokes are lovely.

27) Simply knowing that I’m alive is lovely.

28) The music box version of the song, “Always with Me” (aka いつも何度でも “itsumo nandodemo” aka “Always, No Matter How Many Times”), from Spirited Away is lovely.

29) A courageous dream-chaser is naively lovely.

30) Getting lost in a crowd of festival spirit is lovely.


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