Inspiring Instagrams that I Follow #001

These days, Instagram seems to have successfully replaced 9GAG for me.  I only follow accounts that I like (either the contents are interesting OR that they’re my real friends…lol).  I want to stay sincere and just “like” what I like (and secretly hope that people who follow me genuinely like my content too, unless they’re my real friends who got stuck with following my account due to friendship…then be prepared to be spammed XD ). ^^  *le sigh* my Instagram account is just as much of a big mixing pot as this blog. ^^”

Anyways, enough blahs.  Just want to bring some more attention to the following Instagram accounts that I find particularly inspiring or just has that special X factor (that’s not to say the rest of the other accounts I follow are not awesome…in fact, they’re all awesome and interesting!).  Not in any particular order:

Wubby Panda by wubbyland

Cute illustrations of an adorable Panda named Wubby Panda!  I hope that the creator will sell Wubby Panda merchandise someday!  The artwork is just amazingly cute and realistic (especially the food).  The food-related posts are some of the most deliciously looking 2D drawings that I’ve seen so far.

Little Yellow Bird by tweetykweelapis

Look! It’s Tweety bird! XD Looking at the world from the perspective of Tweety the plush toy. This is a fun and creative project. It especially helps to make those nasty “Monday blues” go away.  ^^

Veganmatoria by veganmatoria

Follow this account and be prepared to be inspired by this awesome young vegan lady!  She has tons of yummy vegan recipes and great at inspiring people to work out, change our lives for the positive, and being comfortable in our own skin.  I’m forever in love with her deliciously looking berry nice cream.  That’s right, it’s “nice cream”, not “ice cream”.

Anyways, have fun following them!  ^^


On Road to Annaheim (aka My New Home)

Can’t say I’m not surprised to know that people are still checking this blog (based on stats).  O___O  Hm…are you guys just checking if I suddenly dropped dead?  XD Well, here’s my answer to you. lol.

This is an obviously long overdue post since I just got my PC set up recently (been using my phone & crappy decade-old laptop for work for almost two months).  And then, I just got my good internet set up this morning (been using crappy internet as of late).  For those who know & stalk me (lol what a nice way to label friends XD), I’ve just recently moved from “a city life” to a very “small town life”.  Completely changed my career path too and now, I am trying to learn the ropes of running a business as fast as I can.  Oh yea, this post is mainly a “photo fest”.


This is my last daytime photo of downtown Vancouver until…probably a long, long while.

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A Journey of Imagination at VanDusen Garden

Today is another interesting outing with Rapunzel, but this time we act “less” foreign tourist-like than the last time. However, today is not any less embarrassing than the last time (when we have acted like a couple of foreign tourists) because of my incapability to use the selfie stick properly. XD  Therefore, I will spare everyone the second-hand embarrassment of our selfies.

Today’s journey is a special case in which both Rapunzel and I have to make use of our great imagination for the majority of the time since, apparently, not all of the plants at VanDusen Botanical Garden have bloomed yet.  Thanks, Rapunzel, for coming up with the name “A Journey of Imagination”. XD

It was raining a bit during the morning, so since none of us minded a little rain, we went forth with our plan to visit the garden. Fortunately, the weather got better as we walked through the garden.

It was raining a bit during the morning, but since none of us minded a little rain, we went forth with our plan to visit the garden. Fortunately, the weather got better as we walked through the garden.

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