Hope for Paws

Thanks to my very compassionate brother who showed me the Hope for Paws Youtube channel, I became rather hooked on these videos.  Then, I couldn’t help myself and donated.  Of course, still an LSAT snob/job-hunter, there’s only so much I can donate without being called out by others as reckless.  Fortunately, I have this blog where I can write pretty much whatever the hell I want and so, I decided to dedicate this post to Hope for Paws.  If any of the Hope for Paws videos has successfully called out your compassion and it’s within your ability to donate, please do.  Otherwise, please do not hesitate to share any of the Hope for Paws videos via social media.  This would not only help raise awareness at large, but also serve as a reminder for current dog owners (& pet owners in general) to continue to be responsible and see these beautiful creatures as family members.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5e_cr7tbc7w Continue reading



Oh yes!  The original Digimon characters (Season 1 & 2) are finally back!  Finally, I can get some closures, such as how the heck did Sora get with Matt (aka Yamato)??  Because when that happened, it totally felt like a punch on my face that came out of nowhere.  Also, it seems some of the characters *cough* Matt & Joe *cough* have finally got rid of their ridiculously sleek hairstyles from Season 2.  Thank you!

Yup, another one of those fan posts from me today.  At least, it’s a short one today!  XD


Remember this post in which I was trying to reconnect with That Kawaii Friend?  Well, I still haven’t completely reconnect with her yet, but I have finally met with Miss Professor (one of the many awesome friends that I’ve been trying to reconnect with) today.

As I was on my way to meet up with her, a lot of scenes from my carefree (but dirt-poor…haha, still dirt-poor) school days flashed through my mind.  A bitter-sweetness plucked my heart because everything just seemed so different after graduation.  Some people are overwhelmed with work, some are obsessed with the definition of a high life, some are busy chasing after their dreams, some are tied down by family, and some are still figuring out their direction in life.  With all these complicated situations going on, sometimes it can be difficult to not question the intention of the person who is initiating the reconnection as something less than pure rekindle of friendship.  Well, I supposed it didn’t help with the fact that I was a business major. Continue reading

“The Menu” — Truth Beneath the Words

SPOILER WARNING with regards to The Menu (導火新聞線), a Hong Kong TV drama series.

The above is one of the original soundtracks (OST) of the HKTV Network Limited drama series, The Menu, that I have finished watching just before I decided to disappear from the face of the earth for a very uneventful (aka boring) road trip. =__=” Continue reading