Favourite Motion Screen Versions of Jin Yong’s Wuxia Novels – Part I

I have been obsessed with Jin Yong’s wuxia (aka martial arts fantasy) novels these days.  Although, Mr. Jin Yong’s writing is nothing short of fantastic, I have to agree with my dear father that Mr. Jin Yong’s wuxia novels are one of those things that are much better when translated onto the motion screen (either as a TV drama series or as a movie).  Since Jin Yong has wrote a total of fifteen novels under this pen name (of which, the first word of each of the first fourteen novels made up a pair of beautiful couplets), I believe it would take some time to spell out my favourites (as well as doing a bit of character analysis).  Therefore, I decided to separate my appreciation for Mr. Jin Yong’s novels into parts (make that many, many parts…but don’t worry, I don’t intend to post my appreciation consecutively). Continue reading


Wu Zetian whips her hair around : a glimpse at Tang dynasty hairstyles

This is such an interesting post about female hair styles of the Chinese Tang Dynasty that I have to share it here. By the way, whoever has thought ancient China is a close-minded country would be surprised to know that the Tang Dynasty is one of the most culturally-diversified periods of China. ^^


Meow If you don’t love your hair as much as Shirley, Fan Bingbing sports some of Tang dynasty’s fanciest wigs to give you some options..

If you have 260 outfits like Fan Bingbing‘s Wu Zetian, then you certainly got to have the perfect hairstyle to match each one. Here are a round-up of some of Tang imperial fashion a la The Empress of China while we wait for Li Shimin to die already (Seriously, we’re over half way through the drama and the ex-husband haven’t even died yet. Shouldn’t this happen in ep 1 of most dramas?).

Note that I’m no expert at all, and the drama is no historical documentary. Plus, being a drama of the imperial court, most styles are highly decorative and not really what you would see in everyday Tang.

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A Somewhat Dangerous Obsession – TFBOYS

TFBOYS (aka The Fighting Boys  — how the heck do these Chinese entertainment companies come up with these kind of “creative” names??  Well, at least it’s still better than HIT-5’s name >.>) is probably the youngest idol group debuted up to date in the mainland Chinese entertainment market.  The boys are born in the new millennium and before their debut, they have trained since they were at the age of five or six.  Contrary to the popular belief that this idol group is a replica of the popular K-pop idol group, EXO, this group is actually a tribute to the popular Taiwanese idol group of the late 80s to the mid 90s, Xiao Hu Dui.  Actually, I don’t really get this whole “fandom war” going on amongst the Chinese EXO and TFBoys fans because the two groups have totally different concepts.  Also, I’m not sure if it’s the fan war with the EXO fans that caused it or just because of TFBoys’ concept (ie. some people see them as the Chinese version of One Direction or Justin Bieber…but this perspective pretty much could be applied to any male idol groups of the East-Asian countries) , but this idol group has quite a bit anti-fans.  Usually, the anti-fans situation is more common amongst female idol groups (because in the eyes of obsessed fan girls, these female idols are vixens trying to seduce their oppas).  Unfortunately, these boys’ fans are usually young and naive enough to take the troll baits and thus, the fandom war continues.  Other than the anti-fans, they have quite a squeaky-clean image (well, they should at this age — I’d be worried if they didn’t @_@).

Karry Wang (Wang Junkai), born in 1999, is the leader, main rapper, and visual of the group.

Karry Wang (Wang Junkai), born in 1999, is the leader, main rapper, and visual of the group.  His stage presence is quite charismatic.

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Webtoons – Race to the Bottom

I’m pretty sure I am entering a webtoon contest and not a down-voting contest.  However, surprisingly I found that the current highest ratings happened to be 5.44 out of 10 for the LINE Webtoon Challenge League Contest (even my very grumpy brother thought it was ridiculous).  Just when I was pretty sure that people would have some integrity in them to read before voting, I was dead wrong.  As soon as my webtoon, Leo’s Debut, got a miracle 5.5 rating (thanks to my brother’s vote) and got to the highest rating column, then not even 30 seconds after my brother voted (I refreshed the page right after), someone else quickly down-voted my webtoon as if his or her life depended on it.   Continue reading

Main Character Status (Mainly Target at Serious Fanfic Writers)

The main character saved the day yet again.

One would see this a lot in fanfics.  No, I’m not talking about Mary-Sues or Gary-Stus, because some of the characters that I have read are simply fantastically written, yet they still fall into the trap of saving the day over and over again even though the stories are not meant to be heroic by any standards (which by the way, I find some of the most well-written stories about heroes are those that are willing to give their heroes hell).  Maybe not all, but most (serious) fanfic writers are too afraid to give their precious characters enough obstacles throughout the characters’ journey.  Rarely would I get to see any Death Note style of extreme, seemingly dead ends and unpredictability.

Death Note -- battle of wits and supernatural stuff.

Death Note — battle of wits and supernatural stuff.

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LINE Webtoon Contest – Wings on My Back

Woohoo!  Just entered the Challenge League Contest administrated by LINE Webtoon and sponsored by NAVER.  The deadline is January 25, 2015.  So, that’s less than two weeks left.  I know that I’m quite late (actually, make that VERY late) into the game, but hey, I still have some more time to submit more entries and make the best out of it.  A special thanks to Transmigratory for telling me about the contest! ^^

Just uploaded today (less than half an hour ago)...they marked it as January 13, 2015. Anyways, no rating yet. >__<

Just uploaded today (less than half an hour ago)…they marked it as January 13, 2015. Anyways, no rating yet. >__<

I have yet to draw a proper cover for Leo's Debut. Well, this will do for now.

I have yet to draw a proper cover for Leo’s Debut. Well, this will do for now.

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