Favourite Songs from Nicholas Tse

Been spazzing lately…anyways, one thing led to the next and suddenly I remembered that Nicholas Tse has some songs that I really enjoyed back then.  Thought I should be “nice” and share some my favourite songs sang by him here….you know, for inspiration purposes, just in case.  😉

無聲仿有聲 (Imitation of Sound Through Silence) – I’m pretty sure that I was just an elementary school student then, but for some reasons, I just couldn’t get enough of this song.  A very Romeo & Juliet story for the mv.  ^^

愛後餘生 (The Rest of Life After Love)  another favourite ballad from him.  ^^  Man, he was sooo young and nosebleeding hot back then.  ><

如果只得一星期 (If There’s Only One Week) – One of the first songs that I actually tried to remember the lyrics for because I got way too much time on my hands back then.  =P

壞習慣 (Bad Habit) – I think Nicholas was around 18 years when this song came out.  He looked soooo awkwardly cute.

早知 (Should Have Known) – For his songs, I mostly enjoy the ballad ones (with a hint of soft rock).  Really love this one as well as it brings me back to my first unrequited crush (totally stalked him with my friends as he played soccer on the gravel field).  >///<

冥想 (Deep Thought) -this is one of the songs that sounds really good if you’ve watched the movie (especially the chorus).  Also, Karena Lam was one of my favourite Hong Kong actresses back then.  T____T How time has changed.

不要說 (Don’t Lie) – one of his usual hot-blood songs.  Back in his era, gangster movies were very popular.  The chorus is kinda fun to listen to. ^^Y

改造人 (Android) – just including this here because Eason Chan is the one who composed this song.

回憶是後鏡裡的公路 (Memory of the Road Reflected on the Rear Mirror) – another song that I used to sing to, for whatever reasons.  ^^”

Hope you enjoy these songs (or have fun cringing because of the 90s fashion).  =D

Oh, as a bonus (thanks to my friend, Food Critic, for bringing it up), Jacky Cheung’s 暗恋你 (I Secretly Love You / Crushing on You):


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