Day Day Up Discovery

I used watch this Chinese variety show, Day Day Up, quite avidly because the hosts were funny and there were quite a bit of bromance going on (intended or not)…but eventually, the show was becoming a bit of a “rinse & repeat” thing and I got distracted with other variety shows (ie.Grade One – the ONLY variety show that I re-watch so far in my life because the kids are just so darn cute & the teachers are awesome) .  However, since one of my favourite Korean celebrity (Kim Eunsung), who happens to be one of the hosts of the show, is going to be enlisted into the army soon, I thought it would be nice to watch his last recording for the show (until most likely, two years later).

Kim Eunsung...because of his background & professionalism, I'll always have a soft spot for him.

Kim Eunsung…because of his background & professionalism, I’ll always have a soft spot for him.

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A Waste of Education?

“Isn’t it a pity to work as a/an _____ (in ______ industry) with such a high educational background?” said the aunts/uncles/ family friends of a typical Asian youth. Continue reading

The Love Cycle of a Ridiculous 20-Something

The love cycle of a particularly ridiculous 20-something.  Just need to get this out of the system so that I can finally study in peace, at least for the next couple of days…aka “Operation: Saving Rationality”.

Stage One:  Fall in love ridiculously fast like an idiot.  Yes, I chose this particular video, so that you may sing along with it. 🙂  – I Can’t Help Falling in Love with You. Continue reading

A Writer’s Observation

Have any of you ever been labelled as “creepy” or “a psychic guru” just because you have pointed out something that, apparently, other people saw as “inaccessible” information?  Then, after you pointed it out, in an “as matter of fact” manner, people’s reactions are divided between in awe, in fear, or in totally disgusted mode of your “superpower”?

Well, I have and it was certainly a bothersome experience…so bothersome that sometimes I didn’t even bother to explain if they happened to be afraid of questioning me (but instead, “righteously” proceed to assume wrongly about me).   Continue reading

My Eventful Journey to Reconnect with a Friend

I’ve been trying to reconnect with a dear friend of mine (let’s just call her That Kawaii Friend) of whom I have lost touch with since a few years ago when she had to move to China to work at one of the big four accounting firms there.  When she first landed in Beijing, we were still able to talk to each other over emails using hotmail accounts.  Unfortunately, hotmail is pretty much dead these days and I don’t even have a hotmail account anymore (and she couldn’t receive emails from my gmail account either because China simply loathed gmail accounts).  Of course, we could have still contact each other over phone…but I didn’t have her phone number from China because she had just been starting to settle in Beijing (and she told me that the rent was hella expensive there) and I highly believed that she had lost my phone number along with the phone numbers of her other few dozens of friends (conclusion, especially after my journey to hunt her down thus far). Continue reading

Aberdeen Square – A Complete Disregard of Common Sense

For Chinese-Canadians who live in the Greater Vancouver Area (GVA) or better yet, live in Richmond right next to Aberdeen Centre (okay, not totally right next to, but close to) might have heard about Aberdeen Centre’s grand opening of the second part of its building (aka Aberdeen Square).  Those who have visited would know just how shitty that part of the building really is.  I was already warned by my friend (which by the way, I will refer her as the “Food Critic” from now on), I was still full of excitement and expectations.  By the end of the tour (Food Critic as the tour guide of whom I have promised to repay her someday by financially supporting the R&D portion of her future Potato Queendom), I was completely deflated and was sighing multiple times at the complete lack of common sense (as well as a complete disregard of Fengsui, for those who have a basic understanding of the subject) of the interior design.

After walking through a shady corridor from the main mall, I was faced with this weird "artwork".

After walking through a shady corridor from the main mall, I was faced with this weird “artwork”.

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Webtoons – Race to the Bottom

I’m pretty sure I am entering a webtoon contest and not a down-voting contest.  However, surprisingly I found that the current highest ratings happened to be 5.44 out of 10 for the LINE Webtoon Challenge League Contest (even my very grumpy brother thought it was ridiculous).  Just when I was pretty sure that people would have some integrity in them to read before voting, I was dead wrong.  As soon as my webtoon, Leo’s Debut, got a miracle 5.5 rating (thanks to my brother’s vote) and got to the highest rating column, then not even 30 seconds after my brother voted (I refreshed the page right after), someone else quickly down-voted my webtoon as if his or her life depended on it.   Continue reading