A Woman’s Confidence is Most Important

So, I fell in love and got my heart broken over and over again…fell in love to the point I lost my identity and got my heart broken to the point of forgetting who I am in the first place. In a sense, I have no regrets, because at the very least I gave it my all, got broken, but survived in the end. And then, I realized, that’s just life. That’s just one of life’s basic lessons. Even though, he’s not the first man I love, he’s certainly the only one who managed to break my heart to this extent. To the extent that I lost all muse to write, despite that writing is supposed to be one of my eternal lovers.

Anyhow, asides from that, the main reason why I haven’t update is mainly due to bad internet signal in a very small town!!! ><” The good news is, I’m finally back home, in the place I grew up in; a place where I can feel no guiltiness with anonymity. I’m an introvert by nature, so anonymity without guilt feel just right at home.

So, what does this mean?  You’ll be expecting a lot of fangirling here again!! Along with other randomness. Honestly, I have to admit, this is kinda like my online diary,  but who cares?! You’re all just harmless stalkers anyways. And if you’re not harmless, there’s no doubt in my mind I’d be calling the police on you faster than the speed of light! ^^

So, here are some stuff I learned from the man that I love the most:

  • Being your own self is important, because there’s a possibility that he would leave you. And if that’s the case, then (for example) you might ended up letting your hair grew long for him when you are more comfortable with short hair in the first place! Honestly babe, just get whatever hair style you want…make yourself happy first before anything.
  • Exes are exes for a reason…some might be quick to say stuff like “accepting that your man still keep in touch with his ex and being best friend with his ex is totally okay! If you can’t accept it, then you are childish.” Uh….no. It really depends. But most importantly, a mature woman should consider and know how she feels and what she truly wants. If she’s not comfortable with her boyfriend constantly contacting his ex (especially if there’s no good reason!), that’s totally okay. She shouldn’t have to force herself be “mature” when she’s clearly hurt and crying inside.
  • Go at your pace and grow at your pace…because that’s really what life is all about; discovering yourself and being comfortable with your own skin.

Next up is either fangirling, fanfics, or my own silly webtoon time (“Leo’s Debut” or “Nonesense”) gain! XD Thanks for reading all this time~! =D


Random Analysis by a Robot – January 2017

*Originally just a random reflection on my Facebook as I test out the notes feature (haven’t used that in years!!).

“每個人都知道這是個可笑的世界。可是有誰能笑得出呢?” – 《老夫子》

(Trans:  “Everyone knows this is a ridiculous world, but who can really laugh about it?” – Old Master Q)


1) Since young, it seems the more I dislike something, the more it will show up to haunt me. Then, as I get older, I realize that’s just one of the ways the great universe uses to teach me love and compassion. I didn’t like this teaching method before, but now, I’m thankful for it because I don’t dislike or hate a lot in general. Well…there is something I don’t like at the moment, but it will eventually leave me alone and give peace back to my mind. ^^


2) Just a joke…


A: You jump.

B: I jump.

DAYS later…


B: Why didn’t you jump?

A: Never said I would.

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Love is…

Taking a breather from the LSAT prep and life’s mundane activities in general and picking up on where I have left off in my writing last time, I suddenly recalled my writer’s block with regards to the definition of “first love” (and I supposed “true love” too).  More specifically, I recalled a specific definition that I wished I could have flushed it away down the drain because it burned my eyes for an unnecessary long while.

Honestly, I did debate on whether I should revisit this topic because I might offend this gentleman who had kindly offered this “specific definition”…but then, I thought, “oh, what the heck.”  He’s probably far too busy to pay this blog a visit any time soon.  Yes, I know.  Extremely positive thinking for my own convenience. Continue reading

The Love Cycle of a Ridiculous 20-Something

The love cycle of a particularly ridiculous 20-something.  Just need to get this out of the system so that I can finally study in peace, at least for the next couple of days…aka “Operation: Saving Rationality”.

Stage One:  Fall in love ridiculously fast like an idiot.  Yes, I chose this particular video, so that you may sing along with it. 🙂  – I Can’t Help Falling in Love with You.

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A Writer’s Block – Definition of “First Love”

Recently, I got obstructed with a frustrating writer’s block.  It started with the detailing of a character sketch (let’s assume it’s Princess Mermaid) and…that was when I encountered a problem – just who was her first love?  Well you see, Princess Mermaid had an unrequited love that had taken her almost a decade to forget before she eventually dated a false gentleman (of whom she had never truly loved) seriously for a brief while until he decided to cheat on her.  Just who was her first love – the first guy she had a serious crush on or the first guy she ever dated?  *Note: this is just a supporting character, and no, I’m not writing a straight-forward love story…never really my cup of tea anyways.* Continue reading