Random Analysis by a Robot – January 2017

*Originally just a random reflection on my Facebook as I test out the notes feature (haven’t used that in years!!).

“每個人都知道這是個可笑的世界。可是有誰能笑得出呢?” – 《老夫子》

(Trans:  “Everyone knows this is a ridiculous world, but who can really laugh about it?” – Old Master Q)


1) Since young, it seems the more I dislike something, the more it will show up to haunt me. Then, as I get older, I realize that’s just one of the ways the great universe uses to teach me love and compassion. I didn’t like this teaching method before, but now, I’m thankful for it because I don’t dislike or hate a lot in general. Well…there is something I don’t like at the moment, but it will eventually leave me alone and give peace back to my mind. ^^


2) Just a joke…


A: You jump.

B: I jump.

DAYS later…


B: Why didn’t you jump?

A: Never said I would.

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Love is…

Taking a breather from the LSAT prep and life’s mundane activities in general and picking up on where I have left off in my writing last time, I suddenly recalled my writer’s block with regards to the definition of “first love” (and I supposed “true love” too).  More specifically, I recalled a specific definition that I wished I could have flushed it away down the drain because it burned my eyes for an unnecessary long while.

Honestly, I did debate on whether I should revisit this topic because I might offend this gentleman who had kindly offered this “specific definition”…but then, I thought, “oh, what the heck.”  He’s probably far too busy to pay this blog a visit any time soon.  Yes, I know.  Extremely positive thinking for my own convenience. Continue reading

The Love Cycle of a Ridiculous 20-Something

The love cycle of a particularly ridiculous 20-something.  Just need to get this out of the system so that I can finally study in peace, at least for the next couple of days…aka “Operation: Saving Rationality”.

Stage One:  Fall in love ridiculously fast like an idiot.  Yes, I chose this particular video, so that you may sing along with it. 🙂  – I Can’t Help Falling in Love with You.

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A Writer’s Block – Definition of “First Love”

Recently, I got obstructed with a frustrating writer’s block.  It started with the detailing of a character sketch (let’s assume it’s Princess Mermaid) and…that was when I encountered a problem – just who was her first love?  Well you see, Princess Mermaid had an unrequited love that had taken her almost a decade to forget before she eventually dated a false gentleman (of whom she had never truly loved) seriously for a brief while until he decided to cheat on her.  Just who was her first love – the first guy she had a serious crush on or the first guy she ever dated?  *Note: this is just a supporting character, and no, I’m not writing a straight-forward love story…never really my cup of tea anyways.* Continue reading