Nonsense #2

Hello~ just recently created an Instagram account, mainly to get over a breakup but also realize that it’s a pretty okay platform for my webcomics. Heh. Yep, you guessed, the name is capriquariusmei! XD  Feel free to follow.



Nonsense #1 & How I Draw These Stuff…

Starting this new webcomic series because of a couple of reasons:

  1. To practice my drawing using simpler characters than, say, Leo’s Debut.  Okay, I know they’re not that complex for most people who draw…just me though. ^^”
  2. I want to bring my childhood creation, le rottenapple-san (lol nope. It is actually still nameless to this day), to life.  A shameless pat on my 12 or 11 year’s old’s back.  XD

This particular one is inspired by a very handsome guy who often forgets about me (and himself too…to some extent).  ^^”


Now, I know the font is a bit difficult to read…but I can’t help it!! No matter how much time I’ve used to find the right font tonight, this particular font just looks so darn cute to me!  @__________@ Continue reading

Leo’s Debut #9 & New Webcomic Series

After forever and a day, now back with Leo’s Debut…Haven’t made any effort to improve yet.  But I’m hoping that improvements will be obvious the next time I upload Leo’s Debut. ^^


By the way, gonna start a new slice-of-life webcomic soon.  This time, it will feature one of my creations from back in grade 7!!!!  Of course, I’ll shape it up before the series starts.  Already have a silly title in mind. XD

Back in grade 7, a time far away, I accidentally coloured in the eyes too...^^" Meet rottenapple-san~ lol nope, actually haven't come up with any names yet. XD

Back in grade 7, a time far away, I accidentally coloured in the eyes too…^^” Meet rottenapple-san~ lol nope, actually haven’t come up with any names yet. XD

A Couple of Funny Cantonese YT Channels

I have a long list of “opinions” to “share”on this blog, but yet, I still don’t have enough motivation to post them because I know that those posts would end up freakish long-winded.  =___=”  But meh, I’ll eventually get around to writing those “opinions” down before they become completely irrelevant.  =P

For now, some humour from Hong Kong vbloggers:

I must have subscribed to a bunch of weird channels for YouTube to suggest BOMBA Funny Life to me.  This channel mainly magnifies some of the mundane happenings and encounters of daily life in a funny and light-hearted way.   Continue reading

Unexpectedness – An Example of Chinese Creativity Under Constraints

If I haven’t made use of my precious time to fangirl about the TFBoys, I would have never know about Unexpectedness (rough translation…original text is 萬萬沒想到 – “Wan Wan Mei Xiang Dao”) , a Chinese web-based comedy (& parody).  The limit on freedom of speech in China is no news to anyone who’s not living under a rock.  Compared to other more open-minded nations, the creative workers of China encounter more obstacles and walls to climb over than necessary even when they are only intending to make something simple without any political meanings attached.  However, it is precisely due to this atmosphere of scarce resources and unimaginable amount of rules to consider that the creative workers are forced to think and work smarter – finding breathing room within a confined space.  The creative workers of China usually end up walking on a very fine thread tied on the edges of two sky-high rooftops.  Perhaps the saying, “high risk, high rewards”, does ring true because the results of the risks they have taken, thus far, are simply spectacular.

Unfortunately, there’s only one episode of Unexpectedness that’s subbed in English.  I supposed it’s quite difficult to translate humours that are aimed at the local and overseas Chinese audiences.  This English-subbed episode is a bit of a satire on the Chinese education system.