Forever OTP in My Heart — Alex Fong & Stephy Tang

March 17, 2016 — marks the end of a decade long romance of Alex Fong & Stephy Tang…which is actually not very surprisingly for anyone who knows the basics of face reading.  I’m rather surprised that they have lasted this long.  O____O  For those of you who have listened to their duets before, you will realize how their songs pretty much sum up their bitter-sweet relationship throughout the decade.  Anyways, despite everything, they’re still one of my favourite on-screen couples…otherwise, I wouldn’t have bothered to watch any of those crappy movies starring them.

Latest movie, Anniversary.

From their latest collaboration, Anniversary.  This is my favourite movie of them…L for Love and L for Lies follows right after.  ^^

Alrighty, this is really a tribute post of their awesome duets that have left a tiny footprint in my younger days.  As usual, all song titles are roughly translated by moi. Continue reading


Day Day Up Discovery

I used watch this Chinese variety show, Day Day Up, quite avidly because the hosts were funny and there were quite a bit of bromance going on (intended or not)…but eventually, the show was becoming a bit of a “rinse & repeat” thing and I got distracted with other variety shows (ie.Grade One – the ONLY variety show that I re-watch so far in my life because the kids are just so darn cute & the teachers are awesome) .  However, since one of my favourite Korean celebrity (Kim Eunsung), who happens to be one of the hosts of the show, is going to be enlisted into the army soon, I thought it would be nice to watch his last recording for the show (until most likely, two years later).

Kim Eunsung...because of his background & professionalism, I'll always have a soft spot for him.

Kim Eunsung…because of his background & professionalism, I’ll always have a soft spot for him.

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Favourite OSTs from TVB Series – Part I

One of my favourite ships back in the days.  ^^

One of my favourite ships back in the days. ^^

The quality of TVB drama series nowadays has definitely gone downhill since probably more than a decade ago.  However, if one was to observe the story plots of TVB’s productions, then she might realize that this TV station is actually quite the pioneer.  Although, most TVB drama series are not to the taste of the younger generations mainly because of the way the productions are executed.

Anyways, who cares about TVB dramas (after all, I rarely watch them nowadays).  I just want to spazz about some of my favourite original sound tracks from TVB, that’s all!  =P  Surprisingly, unlike their terrible drama series nowadays, their OSTs have consistently proven to be pleasant surprises to the ears.  The main musical genre of most TVB’s OSTs is ballad (rock ballad in some cases).

Remember to Forget (記得忘記) sang by Raymond Lam – Ending theme song for Eternal Happiness (再生緣).  This drama is one of my all time favourites and I remember that I have shipped Raymond Lam/Michelle Ye so hard because of this drama.   Continue reading

Music Throwback: the “Original” F4

Just very recently, I started trolling a few friends (especially Food Critic, just because she cringes very badly to “it”).  Unfortunately, I feel that I’ve trolled a bit too much that I’m actually starting to wonder if “it” is one of my “guilty pleasures”.  So, what is “it”?

This is “it”:

Man, just let your precious eyes marvel over these long-hair, handsome, camera-seducing men!  Look at that fearless fashion (especially the glamouring stars beaming desperately from Ken Zhu’s galaxy t-shirt)!  Then, close your eyes and let the music kiss your ears — just as Vanness Wu and Ken Zhu (again) sang in one part of the lyrics, “Who cares if the wind becomes stronger?  As long as you have me, you will never be lost.”  Meteor Rain (流星雨) is the name of this great song.

Ha, seriously, this song makes me lmao every single time without fail. XD  The wind certainly blew a hell lot in this MV.

Anyways, jokes aside, I have to admit that other than this particular MV (above), most of F4’s songs are quite nice to listen to (despite of the cringe-worthy MVs and below par singing skills of these fellows, with exception of Vanness, back in the days).  For example, Continue reading

Favourite Songs from Nicholas Tse

Been spazzing lately…anyways, one thing led to the next and suddenly I remembered that Nicholas Tse has some songs that I really enjoyed back then.  Thought I should be “nice” and share some my favourite songs sang by him here….you know, for inspiration purposes, just in case.  😉

無聲仿有聲 (Imitation of Sound Through Silence) – I’m pretty sure that I was just an elementary school student then, but for some reasons, I just couldn’t get enough of this song.  A very Romeo & Juliet story for the mv.  ^^

愛後餘生 (The Rest of Life After Love)  another favourite ballad from him.  ^^  Man, he was sooo young and nosebleeding hot back then.  >< Continue reading

Ma Tianyu – The Tough Dreamy Prince

I don’t know what’s up with me these days, maybe it’s the weather that’s changing or maybe it’s because I’m getting older, but I’ve been revisiting a lot of old films and songs lately.  O___o

Today, my “target of spazz” is Ma Tianyu.  Hm…I realize that I’ve been disproportionately “fangirling” about male singers/groups in general since the beginning of this blog even though I actually have tons of female singers/groups that I like to rave about like an idiot.  XD  But meh~ I’ll leave that for another day.

Ma Tianyu, Chinese of the Hui ethnicity. Ranked in 6th place in the Chinese singing competition, My Hero back in 2006/2007.

Ma Tianyu, Chinese of the Hui ethnicity. Ranked in 6th place in the Chinese singing competition, My Hero back in 2006/2007.  Hm…why am I so smitten with contestants from My Hero nowadays?  Another guy that I would fangirl about from time to time is Jing Boran, who’s also from this competition (asides from Li Yifeng).

When I watched My Hero back then, contrary to what others might assumed, my eyes were initially “deadly” focused on this manga-like prince and actually didn’t pay much attention to Li Yifeng.  XD   Continue reading

Li Yifeng – A Tribute by an Insane

I’m finally insane enough to write a full tribute post here about one of my biggest bias, Li Yifeng, as promised =D  (though, I should really be using my time today as last prep for an exam tomorrow @___@).

Like Eason Chan (I know he’s pretty much “god-status” and thus no one should be compared to him, but…), Li Yifeng’s witty personality makes him one of the few artistes out there who is entertaining to watch regardless whether he’s in a drama series, performance, or interview.

This guy did not just make it to my bias list simply because he's an eye-candy. He's one of the few artistes out there who knows how to make interviews interesting to watch with quick-witted and intelligent responses.

This guy did not just make it to my bias list simply because he’s an eye-candy. He’s one of the few artistes out there who knows how to make interviews interesting to watch with quick-witted and intelligent responses.

Out of my deprivation for his on-screen presence these days, since I have just finished his recent drama series & movie (The Lost Tomb and Forever Young) and currently waiting for his new work, I decided to muse myself with his past work for the time being.  That’s when I realized that his fame and popularity today did not come easy. Continue reading