Random Thoughts & Muses #002

Back again with another “online diary” post, full of things that I currently can’t find anyone to say it to without making it seem out of the blue (which, it is) except for the wall…and frankly, I don’t like the wall every much.  Is this what people call, “shower thoughts”, really? Continue reading


A Scientific Attitude versus a Pseudo-scientific Attitude

Recently, I’ve been investing time in one of my most on & off hobbies again, astrology.  I’ve been recruiting kind-hearted volunteers *cough* guinea pigs *cough cough* to let me do a free reading for them so that I can sharpen my astrological chart reading skills while I also collect data and note down exceptions like a true scientist!  Sounds contradicting…?  Well, no.  Not one bit at all. Continue reading

Bazi – Birth Year Calculation

Bazi (八字) literally means “eight words” – using eight simple words to summarize any individual’s life.  八字算命 (aka Bazi fortune telling) is only one of the many predictive astrological methods that the Chinese fortune tellers use on a daily basis.  However, it is probably the most popular method because some Bazi advocates have been extremely diligent in marketing this particular method…even though no one method is actually than the other, most methods tend to compliment each other.

Anyways, today I would like to present the calculation of any Chinese lunar birth year.  Actually, it is more appropriate to call it “conversion” rather than “calculation”…but since there are some calculations involved, so whatever.  By the way, this calculation/conversion is rather useless because most Chinese fortune tellers nowadays would simply refer to the Chinese lunar calendar to set the birth chart for any individual.  However, math is always fun, right?  Right.  Anyways, before I move on, here’s a very brief education of how the Bazi system works: Continue reading

Predict to the Nearest Hour

This is actually a long overdue post ever since I have started this blog — predicting the birth time of a person by employing a combination of techniques from Western and Eastern astrologies.  The reasons why I delayed this post are:  it is a bit difficult to translate some Eastern astrology terms and it is difficult, in general, to explain the abstract concepts from the realm of astrology.  However, it seems that delays are meaningful sometimes.  Until recently, using techniques from both Western and Eastern astrologies to predict a person’s birth time to the nearest hour is just a theory in my mind.  That was until I’ve found my perfect subject (which I will refer him as the YD Gangster from now on…aka Gangster from the Young and Dangerous era).  He is the perfect subject because he is not part of my usual circle of friends (quite opposite, in fact), I only have enough information about him to conclude my first impression of him (and thank goodness it is so freakin’ easy to remember), and he has been kind enough to participate in this random experiment of mine. Continue reading

Character Sketch Inspiration

Life is full of muses.  Even though this is the case, most writers tend to base their characters on one of their many personas or personas of their love ones.  However, there is always that one random rebel who would chose to base her “people” characters on animals such as a puppy with anxiety issues (haha…yes, my dear friend, I’m talking about you in case you might come across this).  Anyways, I usually belong to the former group and so, a lot of my characters are really a facet of myself…some obvious, some not so obvious, some even hidden deep within my subconsciousness. Continue reading