Random Thoughts & Muses #002

Back again with another “online diary” post, full of things that I currently can’t find anyone to say it to without making it seem out of the blue (which, it is) except for the wall…and frankly, I don’t like the wall every much.  Is this what people call, “shower thoughts”, really?

  • If I start an astrology reading service and charge people $20CAD to $30CAD per reading (which includes a detailed overview of your life and attending any reasonable amount of follow up questions), would anyone actually be interested?  I use a combination of Western & Chinese techniques for better accuracy of reading.
  • Recently broke up with a really lovable gentleman of whom I initially thought was my perfect match.  Humiliated and embarrassed myself tremendously even in the aftermath…lost myself for a long while, but now I’m back on my feet again slowly but surely.^^ Now, the actual learning finally begins as I let myself relax and reflect on everything that has happened.  I’m beginning to see some really awesome lessons, and I hope that I get to apply these things that I’ve learned someday.  I feel that because of these great lessons, I will eventually be a much more loving person someday.  I will be much more capable of loving & respecting others and myself.
  • As long as I’m alive and breathing, I still have the power to change things for the better and that whatever pains I’m feeling right now will eventually heal.
  • Instagram seems much more interesting than 9gag these days. It’s my source of #foodporn, #redpanda, #humour, #cutethings and #positivevibes. ^^
  • It’s my room, but I have never felt so temporary.
  • After travelling across Canada in under one year (except Quebec and the territories), I now realized that A&W seems to have a much more prominent presence than McDonald’s…or at the very least, equal amount of presence more or less. O____o  Some small towns would actually have an A&W there instead of McDonald’s.
  • Stick figure humour seems to reign much of the internet.
  • WWE is one of the main reasons why I still love to watch television.
  •  Nowadays, I actually have a higher standard for friendships than for an intimate relationship…mainly due to experiencing more betrayals in the former and lacking experience in the latter. XD
  • Growing up is hard and even as adults, we’re still growing and learning.  However, I believe I’ll do fine as long as I continue on my life with sincerity and have my integrity in tact.
  • I’m starting to understand the link between intercepted charts in Western astrology and “empty houses” in Chinese astrology
  • Any real ghost or paranormal stories to share out there?

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