Random Analysis by a Robot – January 2017

*Originally just a random reflection on my Facebook as I test out the notes feature (haven’t used that in years!!).

“每個人都知道這是個可笑的世界。可是有誰能笑得出呢?” – 《老夫子》

(Trans:  “Everyone knows this is a ridiculous world, but who can really laugh about it?” – Old Master Q)


1) Since young, it seems the more I dislike something, the more it will show up to haunt me. Then, as I get older, I realize that’s just one of the ways the great universe uses to teach me love and compassion. I didn’t like this teaching method before, but now, I’m thankful for it because I don’t dislike or hate a lot in general. Well…there is something I don’t like at the moment, but it will eventually leave me alone and give peace back to my mind. ^^


2) Just a joke…


A: You jump.

B: I jump.

DAYS later…


B: Why didn’t you jump?

A: Never said I would.

3) Evaluating the pros and cons of something is really hard, and it’s extra harder if the timing is bad. Even if there are a lot of cons, one pro can still override everything and makes life unnecessarily miserable.


4) A strange mindset that should not be encouraged: “as long as no other people find me attractive, I’ll be yours forever.” — no one deserves such flexible type of faithfulness.


5) 不在乎…就讓他不在乎吧。(Trans: Not give a damn about…then let him not give a damn about.)


6) A man who knows clearly how he would act when he loves a woman, but yet is far from acting that way…it probably means 1) he loves himself more and 2) he doesn’t care about the woman. Not gonna be sexist, because the same can be applied to women too.


7) Do not dismiss or treat those who love you like second-class citizens (or worse yet, garbage) because hurtful feelings and constant disappointments can drive them far, far away from you eventually down the road.


8) Life goes on no matter what. So, choose the following instead to get through your day:

-be happy

-embrace challenges


9) 仲未到最後一日, 都唔知邊個會買單。 (Trans: No one knows who will end up paying the bill until the very last day.)


10) The Facebook notes section is even more amazing than a decade ago. ^^



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