Nonsense #1 & How I Draw These Stuff…

Starting this new webcomic series because of a couple of reasons:

  1. To practice my drawing using simpler characters than, say, Leo’s Debut.  Okay, I know they’re not that complex for most people who draw…just me though. ^^”
  2. I want to bring my childhood creation, le rottenapple-san (lol nope. It is actually still nameless to this day), to life.  A shameless pat on my 12 or 11 year’s old’s back.  XD

This particular one is inspired by a very handsome guy who often forgets about me (and himself too…to some extent).  ^^”


Now, I know the font is a bit difficult to read…but I can’t help it!! No matter how much time I’ve used to find the right font tonight, this particular font just looks so darn cute to me!  @__________@

Anyways, since I’m not confident with my skills to directly draw digitally yet, I would often make drafts with good old-fashioned pencil and paper.  Once I’ve made the draft, I would scan it and then basically trace over it or at least use it to give me an idea on what to do next.

Zoom in, if you're really that interested in a crappy amateur's work. XD

Zoom in, if you’re really that interested in a crappy amateur’s work. XD

As seen from the above screenshot, I would typically have 3 layers (but honestly, can do with just two…it’s just that for some reasons having 3 layers makes me happier).  You can see the draft is crappy (especially the “Teehee” girly panda character) and the two panels are too closed together.  A draft is usually meant as a guiding point, unless if it’s a good day, then it serves as a trusty tracing template. Anyways, not that what I’m presenting is actually helpful for anyone who wants to become a serious webtoonist (and not a hobbyist like me), but just in case there’s anyone who ever wonders how I draw (or why I draw so badly….lmao XD).


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