Recommendations: Slice-of-life Webtoon & Manga

Sneaking a bit of time here to show my appreciation for all of my favourite webtoons/manga/manhwa of the slice-of-life genre. Hope these recommendations will make for a rather relaxing (or lazy) weekend for you folks! ^^

I enjoy a lot of slice-of-life stories and there are a lot of good ones, but for some reasons these five really left a print in my heart even after a long time.

Annarasumanara by Ha Il-kwon

What does it mean to grow up?

“Do you believe in magic?” starts this incredible coming-of-age story of a teenage girl name Yoon Ai.  Standing at as one of the top of her class academically, Yoon Ai is hurrying herself to grow up faster so that she can take care of her younger sister and escape poverty.  However, regardless of social status and economic situation, the journey of growing up is never easy. As the story unfolds, Yoon Ai will learn and accept herself.  She will also realize that the magic of innocence needn’t be given up despite of how tough life can be. Another lesson illustrated through this story is that sometimes we shouldn’t merely take things at face value.  This is a breathtakingly beautiful story full of metaphors and figurative speech that will just warm you up by the end of the day.

All That We Hope to Be by It Sun

What is all that you hope to be?

What is all that you hope to be?

Once in a while, we would find ourselves with passing thoughts such as,  “what if I’m not good enough? I’m not good enough…”, “what it means to be happy?”, “what it means to love and be loved?”, “is it okay to dream even if we are grown ups?”, “why is life so hard?”, “is there any meaning to all my efforts?”, and etc, etc.  I’m sure that anyone can easily relate themselves to at least a chapter or two of this webtoon. In most cases, due the characters’ circumstances, it shows us what average (or below average) is like and how the characters have to deal with life the best they can despite how underachieving and unfulfilling their lives seem to be.

Winter Woods by Cosmos (artwork by Banji)

What does it mean to be alive and living?

What does it mean to be alive and living?

What it means to be “alive” and “living”? This webtoon gives us a take on that as we follow the character, Winter, a Frankenstein’s monster-like of a being who is seemingly becoming more and more alive each day since he encountered Jane. The story illustrates just how being immortal is significantly different from actually living, breathing, and appreciating the present.

Daily Lives of High School Boys by Yamauchi Yasunobu

What does it mean to be young and foolish?

What does it mean to be young and foolish?

The story (actually, episodic and random than having an actual plot) shows the mundane but surprisingly funny daily lives of various boys belonging to this particular all-boys high school. It’s lighthearted, funny, and would definitely take people back to their high school days (especially those with a slightly boring, but nonetheless happy childhood). As you read this story, please forget about keeping track who’s the main character (because there isn’t really a main character) and don’t dwell yourself on remember characters’ faces and names…there are simply way too many characters.  But don’t worry, it seems the character’s face and name will strike you when they should.

It’s Not My Fault That I’m Not Popular! by Tanigawa Nico

What does it mean to be lost in life, make mistakes, and hopefully get to laugh all about it eventually down the road? Man...I think I'm giving too much credit for this one. XD

What does it mean to be lost in life, make mistakes, and hopefully get to laugh all about it eventually down the road?
Man…I think I’m giving too much credit for this one. XD

Anyone with an extremely awkward and cringed school life would probably relate to this story very, VERY well.  If not, it’s a great laugh anyways.  Though, for some reasons (maybe it relates too well!), those with depression and a really bad high school life that still traumatizes them should probably stay away from reading this for the time being…until they can really look back the memories one day and laugh at it heartily because it is every one of those incidents that make them the awesome individuals that they are today.


3 thoughts on “Recommendations: Slice-of-life Webtoon & Manga

  1. Felt like reading a manga yesterday (didn’t feel like falling asleep with some math problems in mind) and decided to read Annarasumanara. It is indeed a beautiful webtoon! The drawings are a bit weird at first, but you soon realize that this is what gets the reader inside the magician world. There are so many little details in the drawings!!
    The story is really good although at first I was annoyed thinking the characters are hiding behind magic. But the reality quickly quicked in and we see how quickly every character matured … by trying to seek true happiness.
    I also found the webtoon to be very similar to the manga Paradise Kiss. Give it a try if you didn’t already. Paradise Kiss is also a visually stunny manga with similar leads. This story’s L especially reminds me a lot of my fave George ^_^

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    • Yikes….math problems. Yea, no one would want to fall asleep with those in mind. ^^” Oh yes, I read Paradise Kiss before. It’s a really lovely story and I particularly enjoy the main character’s journey of maturity. I had to read it for the second time in order to finish it yet though because when I read it the first time, it was a bit too adult-like for me. XD I really didn’t know how to appreciate a good slice-of-life manga back then. And yea, now that I think about it, the magician does look like George. O_______o


      • Yes, they totally do!! *_* both are so handsome!
        Also, in both cases, we are talking about a man who is talented and a mentor for people around him, even if he himself is not done figuring out how to face a society that doesn’t accept him fully. Haha, yeah, Paradise Kiss did have a few explicit scene xD

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