Random Thoughts & Muses #001

Was debating rather I should do another throwback (& cringe-worthy) music post (mainly for a certain selection of friends….^^) or a random post….I decide on a random one because self-reflection is a healthy thing to do from time to time. ^^

Now, let the randomness roll~~~~~~~~~~~ =D

  • Laziness is not an excuse in front of Leo’s Debut‘s “greatness”.  Currently slowly but surely working on my webcomic like the lazy *beep* I am
  • I need to stop interfering with someone else’s homework and start focusing on my own homework and assignments ^^”
  • At the end of the day, we’re all just “star stuff”…the seemingly infinity of the universe and the insignificance of all our problems
  • Cringe is love. Cringe is life. There should be a religion to revere all things cringe-worthy.  Sometimes, we just need a tiny sparkle of cringe to start the day…this is inspired by Food Critics (which, I shall refer her as Super Cringe from now on).  Oh yea, there is a religion like that already…it’s call Reddit =P
  • Life is one big adventure without any final destination
  • I think I should to start a new dream & goal list soon’ish
  • Sometimes, I would unconsciously act out the emotions and potential dialogues of the characters in my stories…it’s cringe-worthy everytime I think about it, but I still can’t help it.  This is just one of the better ways (actually, the only one out of the two ways) I use to get the best words to roll out of my tongue
  • Currently, to satisfy my craving for puzzles (especially 3D puzzles ) without making a mess in my current environment, I turn my attention to online puzzles.  When I first discover it (about two weeks ago…yes, I’m slow), I can feel the miraculous achievement of technology for the first time
  • The more I learn about how the “unseen world” works from various sources (yes, I’m an occult lover…I have to be unconscious to see a horror movie though) the more I think Bleach, the manga (& anime) is not too far off in a sense
Okay, now let's end with a pic that no one cares about but me...Really, I care about this because I wasted more money than necessary for the goods! @_____@ #$^@#$!!!

Okay, now let’s end with a pic that no one cares about but me…Really, I care about this because I wasted more money than necessary for the goods! @_____@ #$^@#$!!!


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