Ghost Information (and no, no ghostly pics)

Today, I’m going to dedicate this ghostly post for all the occult enthusiasts out there (and for the skeptics to shake their heads, “Nope, ghost doesn’t exist”, as a good warm-up exercise for their necks).  Hope one day there will be enough funding for scientists to explore more about this area, but for now, an affordable and accessible cure for cancer would be nice.

Here are some interesting and not-so-interesting information that I’ve gathered from a variety of sources over the years (internet, friends & family, radio shows, books, and etc.):

  • Most young children might have an easier time seeing those from the netherworld because they don’t have much concepts and established ideas about how the real world works yet.  Their minds are more “pure”.
  • Supposedly everyone has a “third eye”, but some just naturally born with the third eye already opened.  The third eye can be opened through either meditation or have a professional to open it for them.  Exorcists from some Taoist branches could actually perform rituals to have the third eye opened for ordinary people (but usually they don’t perform this ritual unless there’s a good purpose to do so).
  • Animals (ie. cats and dogs) have a more highly sensitive eyesight when it comes to the ghostly world.  So, if your dog starts barking at a corner of the room and you know there’s nothing wrong with that corner (no food, smell, or problems) plus nothing is wrong with your dog (not a crazy dog), then perhaps it’s because your dog sees a stranger.  Or maybe, your dog is just trolling with you. lol
  • Generally speaking, if a ghost notices the living, it would usually try to avoid getting hit by the living because it can get hurt on its yin energy level.  In addition, this works both ways — the living who accidentally walk through ghosts (aka hitting them) might have their yang energy depleted as well.  This could result in temporary poor health (in the form of a common cold, fever, skin problems, and etc.) and/or a temporary bad luck streak.
  • The western world has a more accepting and embracing attitude towards the concept of “living with the dead” (this only applies to those who sees and/or believes in ghosts) than their eastern counterparts.   In Asia, typically the idea of communicating with the dead just because you have the ability is kinda frown upon (unless you’re a medium of some sort) because Asians tend to believe it’s best for the dead and the living to live in their own separate worlds.  For example, if your house has a ghost residing in it and you’re from a western country, your likely reaction is, “oh, it’s totally fine, we can all live under the same roof (assuming it’s not taking too much space).  And hey, it’s kinda cool to have such a unique roommate too.”  Alternatively, if you’re Asian from a eastern country, you’ll probably be “oh, hell no!  It better leaves soon or I’m moving out.”  However, generally there are good reasons to not cross paths with our ghostly neighbours.
  • Given the right conditions, the easiest time to spot a ghost is during dawn or dust, just when the daytime and the nighttime switches.  This is supposedly when the two worlds overlaps.  However, 3AM is when the ghostly world is the most active.
  • Contrary to the popular belief that ghosts only appear in dark places, they can actually appear in broad daylight too.  Some places that’s known to be extremely bright (ie. a very bright living room) can be good for ghost-sighting as well.  I think this might have to do with the concept of the balance of yin & yang energy.  If the energy is so extreme on either end (the extreme yin or the extreme yang ends), then it’s easier to see a ghost.
  • Ghosts that seemed to be in a time loop (repeating the exact same series of actions day by day) are either one of the followings: 1) died by committing suicide (usually they will experience death over and over again until their supposedly earthly time lapsed); 2) died in a traumatic way; 3) and they’re not ghosts but traces of memories left behind.
  • Most ghosts can be exorcised with the exception of those with “permits”.  I think this belief is a mix of Buddhism and Taoism.  Anyhow, some ghosts are given special privileges to haunt and seek revenge from their living “tormentors” (this might be from many lifetimes ago) with permits, and depending on the rank of the permits they held in their hands, they are only allowed to do certain things to the people of whom they want to seek revenge from.  Two more interesting pieces of info:  1) apparently, it is up to the ghosts to find and locate their targets once they’re granted with a permit. Some ghosts actually have to search for their targets for several lifetimes before finally locating them; and 2) they somehow are blinded to their target’s current lifetime form and are stuck with memories of the past.  For instance, a ghost’s target is currently just a young, innocent high school girl who’s very kind and charitable.  Unfortunately for the girl, the ghost is blinded to her current state and still sees her as a cruel middle-age man from several lifetimes ago.  However, it is possible for the ghost to see the reality as it is once its grudges fade away.
  • Different cultures and different religions have different methods to exorcise a ghost or other supernatural entities and these different methods elicit different reactions from the entities.
  • A ghost cannot haunt one place forever.  Just like human, there’s a time limit for them.
  • Certain designs of buildings and houses (interior and exterior) can attract ghosts as they seemed to serve as a gateway for ghosts to pass through.
  • Sea salt seems to be effective to ward off menacing entities and is often used as an ingredient for spiritual purification purposes.
  • Apparently WiFi is disruptive to human’s spiritual nature…it makes it difficult to call upon spiritual guides.
  • Favourite hangout places for ghosts include the movie theatre, filming location, the red light entertainment district, and etc. probably because there are a lot of actions going on that could keep them from getting bored.

Have fun ghost hunting….or not. XD


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