Leo’s Debut #8

It’s finally back and I realize just how cringe this is…asides from the shaky artwork.  But it’s cute and I love the cuddly characters, so I’m continuing it~ Mwahahahahahaha~~!!



4 thoughts on “Leo’s Debut #8

  1. Mwahaha! Agrees with this! That’s why, I think, many Asian parents want their kids to excel in their studies. Sticks, stones and, yes, words can break your bones, but nobody can take grades away from you. Unfortunately, some boys think studying hard is sissy and some girls think it’s not good to look too capable. =(

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    • Yea, it’s unfortunate that olden days gender expectations are still being instilled and encouraged today (especially by Asian parents too @_____@). I remember back in university, there used to be this one insanely brilliant girl who any big organizations and the government would want to hire due to her stellar school records and work experience at such a young age. She’s very capable to be a self-made woman, but apparently at the end of the day, she’s actually extremely “traditional” in a sense that she doesn’t just think she should, but that all girls should just be married and become a housewife someday. Surprising to say the least, she just thinks education and a good job position are just means to get her a high-quality husband in the end. @_____@ I wouldn’t mind if her personal goal is just be a housewife since each is to their own, but I am rather surprised that she thinks every woman should be like that despite of her brilliance.

      Then, there’s me….I’m quite average in every sense when it comes to being capable, but I have a father who encourages me to be ambitious and even don’t be afraid to win the guys in a race as long as it’s within my capabilities. I’m really thankful for that because I do feel less likely to be limited by possibilities due to gender differences growing up (of course, I still can’t seem to lift as much as the guys). However, even he thinks that I should be married off someday “for the sake of my happiness” because apparently, at the end of the day, I’m still a woman and that could make him uneasy due to the numerous dangers out there specifically targeting at women. But I guess in a way, he wants me to have a bodyguard??? lmao XD

      Btw, is it just me or it is that women are still the primarily people serving tea/coffee/water in an office setting meeting almost no matter what rank she is in the company? I honestly haven’t come across an office in which the man serves tea/coffee/water no matter how junior his rank might be within the company. Almost as if it has always been “a woman’s job”. Though, I do see some strategic sense…people would tend to lower their guards around women.


      • Great to have a supportive dad! Some parents just want grandchildren from their daughters, although we can argue that they probably love the adult kids as well in their own ways.

        *IF* what I’ve heard and read are true, it’s pretty common in both the West and the East for female office workers to act as de facto tea ladies. 😦 I’ll imagine that it’s partly because people assume women would devote more care to such housework-like stuff. What’s more, there are stories about disgusting stuff men sabotage their colleagues’ drinks with. x__x I’ve had a progressive workplace, though, where it’s a (trustworthy =)) guy who’s charged with these duties even though there are younger, female staff around. ^^


      • Yes, it’s definitely common for female office workers to take care of tea/coffee/and parties. XD lol yea….despite that I think it’s unfair for these jobs to be assigned to women, I have to admit that I would rather drink a cup of tea served by a female colleague than a male colleague in an office setting exactly for the reason you mentioned (tea sabotaging). @_____@
        Oh, it’s nice that you have such a progressive workplace! ^^ I think that’s particularly rare even in these days and age.


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