A Scientific Attitude versus a Pseudo-scientific Attitude

Recently, I’ve been investing time in one of my most on & off hobbies again, astrology.  I’ve been recruiting kind-hearted volunteers *cough* guinea pigs *cough cough* to let me do a free reading for them so that I can sharpen my astrological chart reading skills while I also collect data and note down exceptions like a true scientist!  Sounds contradicting…?  Well, no.  Not one bit at all.

As I continue to power through the readings, a curious individual (honestly, most of my guinea pigs did just volunteer purely out of curiosity…with a few who actually believes in astrology in the first place) mentioned that science made her a skeptical person, but she still wants to see what a reading is like.  She did not mean any offence (oh, most definitely not because she’s a really nice person in general).  Though, she is a representation of a perception that I’ve noticed since a long time ago; most people who see themselves as scientific in the modern society seem to irk at the words, “occult”, “astrology”, and the likes.  Granted, these subjects (the occult and what-have-you) are not proven scientific (yet).  However, why is it so?  Well, for one, there’s a lack of observable data…and the possibility of obtaining observable data is further narrowed by a lack of scientific research designs and methods to get such data so that other scientists (& perhaps the public too) get a chance to accept or refute the data in a natural scientific process.

Though, this shouldn’t deter people from keeping a scientific mindset and most definitely should not see such unconventional subjects as some sort of garlic that taints their breath despite the lack of observable and testable data at the moment (which as just mentioned, if there’s no scientific research approach for this in the first place, then why would anyone expect to find any “data”?) .  This is almost no different than some of the highly intellectuals of the past who see themselves as scientific but believes in a geocentric system and see a heliocentric system as too imaginative.  Often times, we seem to forget that the scientific process is indeed a very imaginative one in the first place, designed and thought up by some of the most creative people in the world.  Just an interesting but only contingently-related tidbit, our modern scientific approach has its roots with the ancient Greeks.  ^^

Without the imaginative and creative minds of our scientists, we wouldn’t have discovered and invented a lot of the stuff that we are currently taken for granted.


*Le Bonus Chapter — Potentially the questions you have in mind that I am taking the liberty to answer it now. =P

Do I believe in astrology?  

Answer:  I can’t make up my mind on this one because I don’t have enough data to announce confidently hat “hell yeah, astrology works!”  However, I am currently in a process of collecting data.  So far, about 90% of the time I seem to scare people because most of what I mentioned in the readings seem spot-on….but with only a pool of about 20 guinea pigs, it’s far too soon to make any reliable conclusion.

Do you realize that modern astrology is not accurate (ie. we are not the astrological signs that we think we are)?

Answer: Yes, I realize that. =D  In fact, our modern astrological signs are still based from the time of the Mayans.  But did you know that we all most likely have Moon signs, Venus signs, Mars signs, and etc. that are different from our standard Sun sign as well?  Well, I guess you might say “who cares?  it can still be just as inaccurate as the sun sign.”  And yes, you are probably right.  However, the measly data that I’ve gathered so far seem to dictate the astrological methods do work to an extent (…”to an extent” as I certainly have noted down some exceptions).  Now, I don’t know if the few exceptions that I have gathered is due to my limited astrological chart reading capability or is it because the astrological methods are really a “no-go”.  Though, I’m confident that I’ll find out eventually as I refine my knowledge and methods.  But for now, I shall keep gathering data.

Are you still recruiting guinea pigs?

Answer:  Yes, the more data I can collect, the better.  However, since this is really just a hobby, please don’t expect that I’ll get back to you that soon.  Just shoot me an email….or drop a comment, whatever is easier for you.

Will you post up your findings?

Answer: Yes, eventually when I have time.  The kind of data that I’ll post up include what my guinea pigs say are “spot-on” or a “no-go”.   Maybe a bit about the demographics too just for good measure.


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