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Please note that this gif has nothing to do with this post other than the fact they're Asians. Just want something to fill in the void of the this post. XD

Please note that this gif has nothing to do with this post other than the fact they’re Asians (& this post is Asian-related). Just want something to fill in the void of the this post la~ XD

Over the last few months, I noticed that some visitors have mistaken this blog as an Asian entertainment blog.  Well, it’s not.  However, I do have some recommendations!  Some of which are not for the faint of heart.  Not in any particular order:

Cdramadevotee – covers the latest c-entertainment and c-drama updates.  The two pretty bloggers are a bit of a Zhou Liying hardcore fans (one particularly obsessed).  XD  This is where I go on most days if I get to slack off and want to read c-entertainment news.

A Virtual Voyage – mainly covers c-entertainment news.  It’s great, what more can I say?

The A-Philosopher’s Chair – the “philosopher” in the blog name should give it away that this blog contains philosophical and intellectual takes on Asian dramas.  The writing in this blog reminds more of the academic writing that I’m so used to seeing for my Asian film study class back in my university days.  ^^

SkimmedMilkDRAMA – another c-entertainment blog….but honestly, they also cover whatever the hell they like (which include some occasional kdramas).  And awesome news for potential writers and bloggers out there, they’re looking for guest bloggers!!  ^^

The Problematic of the Unproblematic – a lot of great drama recaps and general fangirl spazzing in a good sense.  Mainly covers kdramas, but cdramas do sneak in sometimes.  XD  I usually trust their drama judgement.

Asian Junkie – this is where I go for my kpop news feed these days aside from Soompi.  Not for the faint of heart.  Delulus (as in overly obsessed with oppas and think oppas can do no wrongs), please stay away.  Great sense of humour.

Anti Kpop-Fangirl – another kpop centric blog.  This is DEFINITELY not for the faint of heart.  Quite raunchy in terms of humour and have 18+ stick figure drawings on some good days.  I usually visit for the lols.  Also, the bloggers have a great taste in girls.

So that kinda wrap up the Asian entertainment blogs that I frequent on a regular basis but never really comment because of work, surprisingly random travels….a bunch of other reasons & excuses if any of you ever decide to question moi.   =D


16 thoughts on “Asian Entertainment Blog Recommendations

    • lol it’s from a Chinese comedy webseries called “Di Renjie, the Famous Detective” (名侦探狄仁杰), a production from UNIMEDIA (万合天宜). This company got its start from making comedy skits and webseries, usually making satires of the modern Chinese society and internet culture. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have english subs (only a few odd episodes have very good official english subs, so apparently, they are capable of making english subs for their shows but they just chooose not to due to the hassle XD).


  1. OMG, I wonder who that blogger obsessed with Zhao Liying is. She must have a pretty healthy lifestyle 8D
    Thanks for mentionning us! I don’t follow much kpop anymore (just go on netizenbuzz from time to time to read about the scandals LOL), but this list is pretty useful! Thanks again ^^ As for the Chinese entertainment ones, I follow the same ones as you (and more)! keke

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    • Well, I supposed she’s as healthy as she could be since she’s still alive and given her obsession. XD
      LOL I go netizenbuzz on rare occasions, but the netizen comments there can give me a headache sometimes. ^^”
      I think I will just stick with the ones I have for now since busy with work so can’t really keep up. But now, I know who to ask if I ever want to expand my horizon! =D


  2. Thanks so much for mentioning the chair even though it’s on semi-hiatus. =P Hope all is well on your side! You are now posting fanfics on both Asianfanfics and your blog?

    Part of the reason for writing in a formal tone in my main posts is to engage with serious-minded people who *may* think that certain forms of popular culture like Asian dramas are beneath them. This brings to mind an outreach activity I’m planning. After publishing my post on superstitious programmers (, I’ve been thinking of collecting and publishing bloggers’ opinions on aspects of their industry they would like to be featured in published/broadcast fiction: 1) the good, 2) the bad, 3) the lesser known. Let me know if you would like to participate! =)

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    • I just have to mention your blog just because of the wealth of information there!
      Everything’s well, thank you! ^^ Just that been busy with some family matters, and thus kinda disappeared from the face of the earth for more than a month…I’m just incapable of working on a small phone screen. Anyways, I will continue to be busy, but this time with work. T_____T

      In a way, I have a similar reason as you that prompt me to start posting my fanfics here (asides from being one of my lame tactics to keep myself stay active lmao XD). Another reason is just to force myself to look at this story again and hopefully finish it.

      Sure, I would love to participate! That seems like a fun and interesting idea. ^^ Just give me a shout whenever la~ ^^

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