An Irreversible Trade-off – Prologue

Currently on a trip, but want to slowly get back into blogging. I believe that I’ve never hide the fact that I’m a fanfic writer and enjoy fanfic writing very much (a good comparison is guys and their love for gaming).

As a bit of a filler as I slowly get back to blogging randomness, I present you with one of my experimental fanfics starring Kim Soeun and Song Jaerim! =D

Since it’s a fanfic, for those individuals who rarely invest their time in, you might notice how less descriptive it can be when comparing to “real novels”, especially where it concerns the description of the characters’ appearances.  Also, fanfic writers rarely get any help on story editing, let alone getting professional editing work done on their stories.

Okay, let’s get the ball rolling.

Summary: Kim Soeun has graduated from university six months ago and is now a new member of the NEET (Not in Education, Employment, or Training) society. Just when she thought her luck couldn’t get any worse, a devil appeared and offered her a deal – to become his son’s bride.






**Because it’s a horror story, there might be some aspects that are not for those with sensitive stomachs, so readers’ discretion is advised.

Chapter One here.



A string of light tickled Kim Soeun’s eyelids.  Her dark brown eyes fluttered a bit before she groaned and turned on her stomach, pulling the aqua blanket over her head.  She had woken up long before noon, yet she was not even close to being awake.  In fact, she didn’t want to wake up at all.  Lying on the bed like this made her a spineless coward.  However, she still found it far better than being forced to face the reality of no job, no money, student debt, and no strict parents to guide her.  She blamed her parents for being too lenient on her when she was young.  Immediately, she felt guilty again for having such thoughts.  She got up anyhow and dragged her way to the bathroom.

After she spat out the mouthful of water, she stared dully into the mirror.  She tugged the bottom skin of her right eye to check for anything unusual, and then moved on to the other eye.  She walked to kitchen and swiftly made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  Her life was dull and withdrawn from the rest of society, and she knew it well.  Though, she could not help it.  The only actions made available to her at the present were to worry, to guilt, and to ignore.

She wanted to get a job but no one would hire her.  The well-paying jobs that would require a higher education did not have any openings.  Meanwhile, she could not bring herself to work on the lower pay jobs either.  Her pride would not allow her.

Six months have already flown by and now the government expected her to start repaying her student loan.  She was adamant about not turning to her parents for monetary help because that would destroy her resolve to show them that she was capable.

The headache was coming back again.  Maybe she should take her parents’ advice and take a stroll outside of her cramped up apartment.  She had been using part of the excess loan to cover for the rent for the past six months.  However, soon she would have nothing unless she was willing to bend her dignity and live with her parents again.

Heading to the kitchen again to get a glass of water in order to flash out some drowsiness, she accidentally knocked down a picture frame off the counter.  Brushing off the dust with her worn-out pajama sleeve, she set the frame on top of the counter again.  It was a photo taken on her graduation day with her most admired Jaerim sunbae.  The photo was one of her most prized possessions, but now it was making her depressed.  She did not have the courage to contact him since graduation, especially with the state that she was in at the moment.  She still knew the word shame.  She thought it was a load of bull to think life after graduation was all fancy like the Hollywood screens.

She had considered participating in protests on the street with others who were also unemployed and blaming everything on the government.  Though, she quickly tossed the idea aside.  She didn’t want to announce to the entire world that she was one of those NEETs (Not in Education, Employment, or Training).  She was not ready for that kind of spotlight.

When the doorbell rang, she sighed in annoyance thinking that the new postman probably got the wrong address again.  She had already received all her bills for the month just a couple of days ago.  She wanted to ignore him, but it didn’t seem he was giving up any time soon.  Giving in, she got up.  As she walked up to the door, she noticed through the window that clouds started to gloom the sky outside even though it had been sunny just a while ago.

She opened the door and to her dismay, it was another postman.  ‘Great!’ she thought sarcastically.  Now, it would probably take the new guy awhile before his curiosity as to why a young woman was living this kind of rundown apartment building worn off.

“Miss Kim Soeun, it’s my pleasure to finally meet thee,” the postman flashed a winning smile and greeted rather theatrically.

She cocked an eyebrow.  She was wondering if the job market had become so difficult that people were starting to pull gimmicky tricks in order to keep their jobs.  Though, she couldn’t believe that this guy had gone so low and purposely memorized names from the mail envelopes.  She thought he was rather a dashing guy in his late twenties, despite the slightly crooked nose.  There was something unearthly charismatic about him.  If he was just walking down a street in casual clothing, she would have never guessed that even beautiful people were struggling to find and keep a job.  This kind of economy was the worst.

“Not much of a talker, I understand.” His smile never faltered.  In fact, it seemed the corners of his lips went even more upward, if at all humanely possible.

Suddenly, she felt goose bumps all over her.  Annoyed with his deliberate act, she said, “Could you please hurry up with the letter and not waste my time here?”

She knew what she said was ironic, but she hated to appear like a pathetic loser.

He put up an eerily long, bony finger, “Be patient Miss Kim Soeun, for I have a once in a lifetime offer to be made to thee.”

At this point, she wanted to shut the door on him and let him just leave the mail outside instead — or even none at all for all she cared.  However, she could not move an inch.  Something about the man’s expression hypnotized her.

“Say farewell to thy earthly life and thou shall be bride to King Damien and be Queen to all the powers thou would’st ne’r dream of.  Irresistible, aye?” he ended with a grin, showing off dog-like teeth.

She wondered if it was already April Fool’s Day.  She knew she should at least check the calendar every morning.  She crossed her arms and responded mockingly, “Sure, sign me up!”

Who would not agree to such an offer if it was real?  All her debts and troubles would simply vanish into thin air if she was really given the choice.  Not only that, but a royal marriage?  Any girl would be a fool to answer negatively.  However, she knew better.  For now, she hoped her answer had humoured this lunatic enough so that he would leave her alone.

“Deal,” the postman snapped his fingers.  He seemed genuinely satisfied with her answer.

“So?” she was getting impatient now and making it obvious that he should be on his way, leaving her in peace.

“Ah yes.  I shall be on my way now.  Take care, Miss Kim Soeun.” Before he went, he left an invitation card in her hand.

Relieved, she shut the door so that she could spend her time in solitude again.


The Devil smirked.  He had, yet again, successfully tricked another weak-willed maiden.  Well, he didn’t exactly trick her — she was going to be the bride of his son, Damien.  What he forgot to tell her, as he often did with his victims, was the fact that she would be a part of the bride…The perfect bride for his son, Damien.

The trade-off was simple…as long as she thought it was worth it.


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