Forever OTP in My Heart — Alex Fong & Stephy Tang

March 17, 2016 — marks the end of a decade long romance of Alex Fong & Stephy Tang…which is actually not very surprisingly for anyone who knows the basics of face reading.  I’m rather surprised that they have lasted this long.  O____O  For those of you who have listened to their duets before, you will realize how their songs pretty much sum up their bitter-sweet relationship throughout the decade.  Anyways, despite everything, they’re still one of my favourite on-screen couples…otherwise, I wouldn’t have bothered to watch any of those crappy movies starring them.

Latest movie, Anniversary.

From their latest collaboration, Anniversary.  This is my favourite movie of them…L for Love and L for Lies follows right after.  ^^

Alrighty, this is really a tribute post of their awesome duets that have left a tiny footprint in my younger days.  As usual, all song titles are roughly translated by moi.

To Love Earnestly (好好戀愛) — despite the lovely title, the lyrics pretty much foreshadow their relationship right off the bat.  

Perfect Love (十分.愛) — the movie of the same title starring them (as well) has one of the most “unromantic” but “cruelly realistic” perspectives of how most young people in Hong Kong (at that time anyways…I can’t comment how it is today) treat relationships.

My Most Beloved (我的最愛) — there’s also a movie of the same (Chinese) title attached to this song…starring Stephy & Alex again!  But the English title of the movie is actually called L for Love, L for LiesDespite the cruel & wtf ending (because the director is a really pessimistic guy & likes to “reveal” the ugly side of love), the story & chemistry of the main leads are heart-wrenching and unforgettable like one’s most beloved person in the world.

Roommates (同屋主) — one of the OSTs from their latest collaboration (with the same pessimistic director again…just know that whenever they’re the leads in a movie together, it’s this pessimistic director’s doing), Anniversary, that marks their tenth year in their relationship.  The movie is a sequel to their first collaboration, Marriage with a Fool.

Seven Years (七年) — there’s a saying that the seventh year of a relationship is always the most unstable because people get bored of each other by that time and thus, many couples might break off during their seventh year.  However, if they were able to get over the seventh year, their relationship should be in the “safe zone”.  Haha…Stephy & Alex proved you wrong.

Good Heart, Good Karma (好心好報) — this title & the lyrics of the song…I think it’s probably what they wish for each other at the end of their relationship.  Except, they stood firm that no third party was involved in their break-up…so, this bits of the lyrics doesn’t fit.  ^^”


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