Room39 – From Singing Covers to Topping Music Charts

From left to right: Tom (the youngest looking dude), Mon (the lady), and Olran (the boss dude).

Members of Room39.  From left to right: Tom (the youngest looking dude), Mon (the lady), and Olran (the boss dude).

The first time when I listened to Thai music, I’ve only accidentally stumbled on it through random YouTube recommendations.  However, now that I’m more confident to dive further into this “new” area of music (despite still not understanding the language), I’ve deliberately gone out of my way to find more Thai music gems.  Room39 is one of the gems that I’ve discovered recently.

Room39 is a gender-mixed Thai band composed of three members (Mon, Tom, and Olran).  They met in Los Angeles because of their passion for music.  Then, thanks to one of their supportive friends, they began singing covers in Room 39 of an apartment building (hence, the band name) and uploading their performances on YouTube.  And finally, thanks to YouTube, they got signed on with a huge record label and are now making a living doing what they love (& even topping some Thai music charts too!).  You can read more about them here in this English interview from BK Magazine.

I find that Mon and Tom’s voices really go well together (& also that Olran’s relatively bass, slightly rough-ghetto voice balances quite well with Tom’s tender voice & Mon’s soprano voice).  Okay, here we go ahead:

ฉันต้องคู่กับเธอ (“I Must Be With Her”) – this is the song that really caught my attention about this band because of the upbeat, romcom vibe.  I initially thought it was simply a collaboration that featured a female singer until I did a double take and realized that this was gender-mixed band.  ^^”

“Need You Now” (cover; originally sang by Lady Antebellum) – this is probably one of their earlier YouTube videos and the background is probably from Room 39…the room where it all started.

“Lucky” (cover; originally sang by Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat) – I honestly can’t decide which version I like more, the original or this cover version.  @____@

“All of Me” (cover; originally sang by John Legend) – Just Tom this time without Mon (but at least she and Olran can still be seen in the background).  Also, since the background is no longer Room 39 since this cover is from 2014, already a few years after they went back to Thailand and made it big.  Anyways, check out more of their covers from their YouTube channel if you want to hear more.

เพลง : ทรงพระเจริญ (“Music: King”) – Finally all three of them are singing!  ^^  Hahaha..might not be my favourite song from them, but at least all of them are singing.

หน่วง (“Defer”…blame Google Translate if translation is incorrect) – As I look up for more of their songs (& even cover songs), I notice that Tom seems to be the band’s main singer?  Not that I’m complaining since his voice is healing…but I do admit that I like songs that include both Tom & Mon’s voices the most from this group.

ความจริง/Can You Handle It? (“Truth”/Can You Handle It?) – A very recent song from them (just in September of this year).  Just Tom singing again with Mon as backup singer (oh yea, Olran got some solo rapping here though).  I’m digging Mon’s short hair by the way.

ทำเพื่อเธอ(ที่รัก) (“Made for Her (Love)”) – my head just moves from side to side when I listen to this.  =P  I think this song is mainly sang by Olran (with Tom & Mon as backup singers this time).

ชั่วโมงที่สวยงาม  (“Stunning Hours”) – Mon’s solo time~!  Woohoo!  But for some reasons, I find that Tom’s voice is more able to stand alone in a song than Mon’s voice…Somehow Tom’s voice is more charismatic?  Anyways, all I know is that when they both sing together, the song usually sound way better.

ความจริง (“Truth”) – This is also a very recent song (just uploaded on September 24, 2015)…and also, Olran’s solo time!  ^^

I like Mon's short hair much better. Meanwhile Tom is still cute looking and Olran still looks like a boss.

I like Mon’s short hair much better. Meanwhile Tom is still cute looking and Olran still looks like a boss.

Hm…which Thai band/group/singer should I cover next?  I’ve already covered MILD…So, Getsunova? MUSKETEERS? WhatChaRaWaLee? Or, COCKTAIL…?  Hahaha…I’m starting to think I might be a “hipster”.  =____=”


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