Music Throwback: the “Original” F4

Just very recently, I started trolling a few friends (especially Food Critic, just because she cringes very badly to “it”).  Unfortunately, I feel that I’ve trolled a bit too much that I’m actually starting to wonder if “it” is one of my “guilty pleasures”.  So, what is “it”?

This is “it”:

Man, just let your precious eyes marvel over these long-hair, handsome, camera-seducing men!  Look at that fearless fashion (especially the glamouring stars beaming desperately from Ken Zhu’s galaxy t-shirt)!  Then, close your eyes and let the music kiss your ears — just as Vanness Wu and Ken Zhu (again) sang in one part of the lyrics, “Who cares if the wind becomes stronger?  As long as you have me, you will never be lost.”  Meteor Rain (流星雨) is the name of this great song.

Ha, seriously, this song makes me lmao every single time without fail. XD  The wind certainly blew a hell lot in this MV.

Anyways, jokes aside, I have to admit that other than this particular MV (above), most of F4’s songs are quite nice to listen to (despite of the cringe-worthy MVs and below par singing skills of these fellows, with exception of Vanness, back in the days).  For example, these following songs here:

Absolutely Cannot Lose You (絕不能失去你) – aka “oh baby, baby, baby… my baby, baby, baby…”  I’m sure that even the pigeon wanted to escape because of their ridiculous fashion sense.  Seriously, stylist(s), what was with all those damn flowers on Jerry Yan? 

At The First Place (第一時間) – Any fan guilty of liking Vanness’s long hair out there?  Like Vanness said at the beginning, “you know who you are”.  I, for one, was never a fan of his long hair style because it made his (what should be a) charming smile seemed creepy like that of a psychopath.  I’m just really glad that he keeps his hair short nowadays.  Sexiness went up tenfold since he chopped off that ridiculous hair length.

I Love You (Te Amo 我愛你) – All popular groups seem to have at least one song title that explicitly expresses their love for you.  Vic Zhou lazing around the sofa just…@____@  Honestly, I think this is one group who’s absolutely guilty of excessively seducing the camera…and frankly, one of the reasons why their MVs have that cringe factor.  Btw, think I’ve finally mentioned all the names of the F4 members by now.

Love’s Terrain (愛的領域) – despite the crazy long hair, I have to say that Ken Zhu looked really good back then.  Nowadays, he seems to really let himself go (whenever I come across news about him).

Can’t Help Falling in Love – Honestly, Vanness’s singing was the only that I found bearable to listen to back in the day.  Vic’s singing made me cringed the most.


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