Favourite OSTs from TVB Series – Part I

One of my favourite ships back in the days.  ^^

One of my favourite ships back in the days. ^^

The quality of TVB drama series nowadays has definitely gone downhill since probably more than a decade ago.  However, if one was to observe the story plots of TVB’s productions, then she might realize that this TV station is actually quite the pioneer.  Although, most TVB drama series are not to the taste of the younger generations mainly because of the way the productions are executed.

Anyways, who cares about TVB dramas (after all, I rarely watch them nowadays).  I just want to spazz about some of my favourite original sound tracks from TVB, that’s all!  =P  Surprisingly, unlike their terrible drama series nowadays, their OSTs have consistently proven to be pleasant surprises to the ears.  The main musical genre of most TVB’s OSTs is ballad (rock ballad in some cases).

Remember to Forget (記得忘記) sang by Raymond Lam – Ending theme song for Eternal Happiness (再生緣).  This drama is one of my all time favourites and I remember that I have shipped Raymond Lam/Michelle Ye so hard because of this drama.  I totally fell for Raymond Lam’s singing and acting then.  Unfortunately, I feel that Raymond’s acting has gone downhill since his earlier days — he just doesn’t seem to be as passionate as he used to be and I find that his current acting is really two-dimensional these days.  Anyways, picked a video with lyrics just so that you could sing along.  ^^

Truth (實情) sang by Bernice Liu – If memory serves me correct, I believe this is the opening theme song of Into Thin Air (人間蒸發).  A lot of people actually started following the drama series because of this song.  You can find the actual MV over at YouTube.  I just picked this one over the other because of the sound quality.  I just love the pizzicato.  In fact, I improved my pizzicato on the violin thanks to this song.  ^^

Unexpected (意想不到) sang by Pierre Ngo – Ending theme song to Always and Ever (情逆三世緣), a romance drama that chronicles the past lives of a seemingly ill-fated couple.  Probably one of the most recent TVB dramas that I’ve actually sat through from beginning until the end.  Unfortunately, I think this drama was overshadowed by another very hyped up one that was broadcasting around the same period, so not many people paid attention to this lovely story.

It’s a Coincidence (實屬巧合) sang by Shirley Kwan – Opening theme song to Always and Ever (情逆三世緣).  Probably because Shirley hasn’t sang in a long time and hasn’t been keeping up with singing practice on a regular basis, so there are some breathing sounds throughout the song.  Surprisingly, the breathing sounds fit the mood of this song very much and makes the song sound even more touching.  Haha…perhaps the breathing was deliberate after all… @____@

Understood (明白了) sang by Hubert Wu – Opening theme song to Karma Rider (師父·明白了), an angst romance drama that alludes to one of China’s Four Great Folktales, The Butterfly Lovers.  Apparently, this was broadcast in the same year as Always and Ever and is also a story about past lives and reincarnation.  Ha, I must be really into this type of stories that time.  XD

Metamorphose (化蝶 or direct translation is “Transform into Butterfly) sang by Hubert Wu – Ending song to Karma Rider (師父·明白了).  This song is composed and originally sang by Denise Ho.  Both Denise and Hubert’s performances of this song are equally great.  However, personally I prefer Hubert’s version because it sounds more gentle… Denise Ho’s version is too “rock” for me, especially after I watched Karma Rider.

Drama Series (連續劇) – sang by Joey Yung – Opening theme song to The Hippocratic Crush (On Call 36), a drama about intern doctors.  It’s actually a great watch, but I’ve never been that into doctor shows.  ^^”  Joey Yung is the Queen of Cantopop in the current era, so it’s expected that I can’t find much flaw with her singing.  =P  Oh~ look, this MV actually shows scenes from the drama so that you can decide if you want to add this to your “to watch” list.  ^^

I Really Want to Hate You (很想討厭你) – sang by Lin Xiawei (Raymond Lam’s cousin) – Opening theme song for Outbound Love (單戀雙城), a romcom & slice-of-life drama.  Honestly, I only watched a bit of the first episode (at the recommendation of someone that I know I can never truly get along with) and quickly decided to drop the series.  It’s really just not my cup of tea because of the way the drama series is executed (otherwise, I’d have been a sucker for these kind of cheesy plots).  Anyways, this MV contains scenes from the drama, so that you can decide if you want to watch this.


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