Ma Tianyu – The Tough Dreamy Prince

I don’t know what’s up with me these days, maybe it’s the weather that’s changing or maybe it’s because I’m getting older, but I’ve been revisiting a lot of old films and songs lately.  O___o

Today, my “target of spazz” is Ma Tianyu.  Hm…I realize that I’ve been disproportionately “fangirling” about male singers/groups in general since the beginning of this blog even though I actually have tons of female singers/groups that I like to rave about like an idiot.  XD  But meh~ I’ll leave that for another day.

Ma Tianyu, Chinese of the Hui ethnicity. Ranked in 6th place in the Chinese singing competition, My Hero back in 2006/2007.

Ma Tianyu, Chinese of the Hui ethnicity. Ranked in 6th place in the Chinese singing competition, My Hero back in 2006/2007.  Hm…why am I so smitten with contestants from My Hero nowadays?  Another guy that I would fangirl about from time to time is Jing Boran, who’s also from this competition (asides from Li Yifeng).

When I watched My Hero back then, contrary to what others might assumed, my eyes were initially “deadly” focused on this manga-like prince and actually didn’t pay much attention to Li Yifeng.  XD  Not only is he insanely good-looking in a really dreamy kind of way, his background is also one that could really bring out the tears from the more sentimental individuals.  However, I’m not going to reiterate his back-story here today as you can easily find out all about that on Wikipedia.  Anyways, he’s definitely one tough cookie and that’s why he always has a place in my heart.  Well, his heart-wrenching back-story is not the sole reason why he has a place in my heart; he is also good at singing (he tends to receive a lot of good songs too!  now, let me digress: why can’t Li Yifeng has more amazing songs like these?! ><) and also his acting is surprisingly decent.  Now, as I’ve recently come to realize that I’m actually quite a “drama/movie geek”, I have to say that his acting might not have reached to the level of having that “extra spark/something special” yet, but he’s seriously not a bad actor at all.  I believe that he will hit another wave of popularity in due time once he manages to land himself an impressionable role.  Actually, I think he did land himself a pretty sweet, challenging role in Ice Fantasy (upcoming drama planned to premier in 2016, based on Guo Jingming’s novel of the same title).

Poster of his ambitious, twisty character (Ying Kong Shi) for Ice Fantasy.

Poster of his ambitious, twisty character (Ying Kong Shi) for Ice Fantasy.  Hope that this role will give his career a popularity boost that he deserves.

Anyways, here are some of his songs that I really like (obviously, not an exhaustive list & not really in any special order):

夜上海 (Shanghai Night) – this is one of my favourite songs because of the laid-back melody and the “curvy”, smooth way that he sings it.  Ugh…can’t really explain the “curvy” quality, just that it stands out to me as “curvy”.  @____@

该死的温柔 (Damn Tenderness) – this is arguably his most famous song.  Hahaha…very mid-2000s feel indeed. XD

青衣 (Tsing Yi) – Tsing Yi a traditional costume for Chinese opera.  This music video is heavily influenced from the late Leslie Cheung’s (the Hong Kong superstar of the 80s to 90s) Farewell My Concubine (1993 film directed by Chen Kaige).  Well, it’s kinda no surprise that he would have at least one song as a tribute to the late superstar since he’s a fanboy.  It’s also interesting to note that some people (especially middle-age ladies like my mommy dearest) find Ma Tianyu to resemble the late superstar quite a bit.

月光晴朗 (Bright Moonlight) – another song with a “contemporary Chinese” tune that I like.  ^^

坚强 (Strong Resolve) – this is totally a song that alludes to his touching/tragic back-story.  It has a very sweet, positive, forward-looking vibe.

宝贝 Do You Want My Love (Baby Do You Want My Love) – this song is a mix of R&B and pop.  Maybe it’s the English lyrics in the chorus, but it’s quite catchy.  ^^  Seriously, I have yet to find an “ugly” picture of this boy (totally looks good all 360 degree).  @_____@

烟火的光芒 (Light of the Fireworks) – another easy-listen ballad with a twist of “contemporary Chinese” tune. 

兰铃曲 (Orchid Bell Song) an original sound track from Legend of Ancient Sword.  Presenting this particular fan-made music video so that you get a glimpse of his acting.

世界之外 (Out of the World) – in this music video, the usual gentle and cute prince certainly shocks everyone with his punk-rock look and heavy eye make up.  O___O  Anyways, some parts throughout this song kind of reminds me one of Nicholas Tse’s song 改造人 (Android/Cyborg).  Thanks to this, I suddenly remember that I used to love a lot of Nicholas Tse’s songs (aka soooo gonna spazz about him in due time XD ).


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