A Couple of Funny Cantonese YT Channels

I have a long list of “opinions” to “share”on this blog, but yet, I still don’t have enough motivation to post them because I know that those posts would end up freakish long-winded.  =___=”  But meh, I’ll eventually get around to writing those “opinions” down before they become completely irrelevant.  =P

For now, some humour from Hong Kong vbloggers:

I must have subscribed to a bunch of weird channels for YouTube to suggest BOMBA Funny Life to me.  This channel mainly magnifies some of the mundane happenings and encounters of daily life in a funny and light-hearted way.  Some of the videos are actually highly sophisticated advertisements of certain products and/or services, but seems most of the YouTube viewers of this channel don’t mind it because the videos still manage to give them a good laugh. Here’s one of their videos.  Unfortunately, no English sub (though, it has traditional Chinese sub for those who don’t understand the Cantonese dialect but understand Chinese).  This video talks about the 7 types of girls that any guy would want to meet the most:

Another comedy-related channel that YouTube has suggested is 伯賴 (Paa Laai…Cantonese pronunciation).  This channel examines various mundane (& not so mundane) topics in a funny and light-hearted way — quite similar to BOMBA Funny Life.  However, it does differ from the first channel in the sense that despite all the intended good laughs, most of the videos tend to make you reflect back on your own life at the end.  Also, unlike the first channel, this one has English sub and Cantonese sub (when I say Cantonese sub, I really mean it).  Er…actually only a few selected videos have this service though (English & Cantonese subs).  ^^” This video here talks about the ten types of individuals that one might find at an office:

Oh yes, one more from Paa Laai, a cutely drew cartoon take on a section of Chinese history (this one has English sub too):

Well, enjoy!  ^^


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