The Lost Tomb — Drama Cast Vs. Movie Cast

*Updated August 22, 2016:  Some “fans” should read this.

*September 11, 2015 UPDATE:  So, it’s confirmed that Luhan & Jing Boran will participate in the movie version of The Lost Tomb.  Despite my disappointment, at least I should be glad that it is Jing Boran who will take on Kylin Zhang’s role and Luhan as Wu Xie.  If it had been the other way (like the initial rumours below), I would have flipped chairs…at least because of the height difference (which wouldn’t look too good on screen) lmao.  XD

**September 12, 2015 UPDATE:  Oh yea, in case anyone is wondering, the author of The Lost Tomb did hand-pick Yang Yang and Li Yifeng for the drama version (so they’re pretty much as close as it could get to the original characters from the books, at least appearance wise).  Just putting it here because I should have mentioned this fact, at least for those who are interested in the story, especially the drama version.

I’ve just recently found out that there would be a movie version of The Lost Tomb, and honestly, I’m a bit iffy about the cast for the movie version especially when the drama version has already done such a fabulous job with the casting (in my humble opinion anyways).  For the movie version, rumour has it that the popular ex-member of EXO, Luhan, will take on the role of the mysterious Kylin Zhang while Jing Boran will take on the role of the naive Wu Xie.

Rumours are flying all over the internet (at least in the Chinese community) that Luhan (left) will act as Kylin Zhang and Jing Boran (right) will act as Wu Xie for the movie version of The Lost Tomb.

Rumours are flying all over the internet (at least in the Chinese community) that Luhan (left) will act as Kylin Zhang and Jing Boran (right) will act as Wu Xie for the movie version of The Lost Tomb.

In a lot of readers’ minds as well as fans of the drama version, it is already somewhat established that Kylin Zhang is a character with a relatively reliable but reserved personality and has an athletic body-build.  Luhan seems to have already lost in the body-build aspect because he has a relatively small body-frame even when comparing to an average guy.  Also, his height (178 cm) is definitely shorter than Jing Boran (183 cm), so visually speaking, it would look weird that Wu Xie is taller than Kylin Zhang.  In a lot of fans’ hearts, Kylin Zhang is pretty much Wu Xie’s protector, so imagine that Kylin couldn’t protect Wu Xie from being hit by a bullet just because his height is an issue (imagine the bullet just flies over Kylin’s head and hits directly onto Wu Xie’s forehead @___@).  XD

However, I supposed Luhan has that youthful looking face going for him because Kylin’s character is supposed to look very youthful compared to his actual age due to genetic reasons.  Also, he has a lot of international fans, so his participation in this film project will definitely help with the box office hit as well as potentially shift some viewers’ attention to the actual novel.  As for acting wise, I can’t say much since I have only watched 20 Once Again and his performance seems only passable that time (nothing captivating, just passable).  Of course, that was his first official acting gag, so he could have improved tremendously since then.  Though, I honestly doubt that his acting could beat Yang Yang’s acting any time soon since the latter is a professional actor who has managed to captivate his audience with each role that he has played thus far.

In all honesty, I really doubt the rumours about the casting.  Perhaps, it would be more believable if it is Wu Xie’s character that Luhan is supposed to take on, while Jing Boran is supposed to act as Kylin Zhang.

Meanwhile, I don’t have any doubt with Jing Boran’s acting ability (I would even dare to say that his acting is probably better than my bias, Li Yifeng’s acting).  In fact, I think he would do just fine with either Wu Xie or Kylin Zhang’s role.  Though, his version of Wu Xie (or Kylin Zhang, because I seriously doubt the rumours) would depend primarily on his acting ability to convince the audience for sure since his visual is not exactly perfect for either role.  He is definitely handsome, but the casting for the drama version just seems too perfect to beat…and I’m also being a bit bias towards Li Yifeng’s version of Wu Xie (Li Yifeng seems to pull off that innocent, naive look of Wu Xie’s character fairly easily because of his clean features). =P

Yang Yang (left) as Kylin Zhang and Li Yifeng (right) as Wu Xie in the drama version of The Lost Tomb.

Yang Yang (left) as Kylin Zhang and Li Yifeng (right) as Wu Xie in the drama version of The Lost Tomb.

So in sum, I’m not too worried about Jing Boran (because his acting will save his a** even if the stylist plans to murder his outer appearance).  However, I do have hesitations about Luhan if he’s really going to act as Kylin Zhang because that means he would be compared to this for a very long time:



35 thoughts on “The Lost Tomb — Drama Cast Vs. Movie Cast

    • It’s easier to answer your second question, so I’ll answer that first: Kylin Zhang looks young because it’s a unique trait within the Zhang family. As for Kylin Zhang’s age, from one of the books that explain a bit about his background, it seems he might be well over 100 years old…but that’s all speculations from the book fans (because the author never clarified). Anyways, another unique trait of the Zhang family is that they live for a very long time (around 170 years old) assuming no accident will happen to them. Still, Kylin Zhang & the Zhang family are really mysterious & hold a lot of secrets.

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      • lol it seems like you’re setting yourself to dig up the Zhang family’s dirty secret. XD actually due to the magic property of Kylin’s blood, it is apparent that his parents are closely-related. The Zhang family are one of few families to practice incestuous marriage in order preserve the “Kylin Blood” (the word, “Kylin”, in this case refers to one of the Chinese mythical creatures). However, this practice has side effects, and one of the them being chronic amnesia. Oh yea, in every generation of the Zhang family, there’s always a “Zhang Kylin”. “Zhang Kylin” is the name for the Zhang family’s designated guardian. I’m not sure about how they preserve their youthful look, but it could be a side effect from practising incestuous marriage.

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      • There are nine books total, right? The English language publisher,, only put out the first six. It’s been two years: they ought to translate and provide us the rest!


      • Oh, that sucks! Is it possible to make a request on that website to have the rest of the books translated? Actually, I would love to buy the complete English set just to see if I missed anything when I was reading the original Chinese version (haha…my Chinese is good, but not that good ^^”).


    • Yep, it’s definitely hard to imagine….especially since I watched the series first before reading the actual novel. =P But I would say, give Luhan and Jing Boran a try anyways, maybe they will surprise us in a good way.


    • Yeah I was a bit dissappointed when I heard the news about who will be casting the movie version of the drama, the lost tomb.

      I have watched already the first season and looking forward to it for the second season. >.<

      I want to read the english translation as well but some of them said the translation having grammatical error. T^T


  1. I disagree on the fact that you say that luhan’s movie acting skills and performances were just passable as he tried his best already…From the ill-treatment from the previous company and many sickness and fear to recover from,I think we should be glad he has actually recovered from the treatment that the previous company has forced on him.We should appreciate that he has become a healthy looking man rather than looking like a robot that listens to the owner,he is human for goodness sake,he was as pale as sheet and walking so lerthargically as if he was going to collapse soon,he grew thinner each month,while others were able to perform cheerfully,he was trying his best to put up a good performance for the fans even though the whole left side of his face was swollen at that time.Please,can’t we just appreciate what he has done for us all these years and not judge him because he can’t do as well as other famous actors.Rethink what you said there and be careful of what you say.


    • Okay, thanks for your input. Honestly, I don’t think I have offended Luhan in any way for this post. In fact, I have some posts in which that I’ve called out the poor acting skills of one of my ultimate biases (Li Yifeng) and if I had replace those names with “Luhan”, then you’ll probably think I hate the guy or something. Please respect yourself and others by taking some critical thinking courses. Have a good day! ^^

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    • Sorry, I don’t know if Yang Yang will be in season 2 as well. In fact, there isn’t much news about season 2. Though, I’ll be honest, I kinda doubt that Yang Yang will return for season 2. =/ the controversy is basically this: The Lost Tomb is a project produced & heavily sponsored by Li Yifeng (& Yang Yang’s old) company. Yang Yang, I believe early last year, terminated the contract with the company and so, the production team cut out a lot of Yang Yang’s scenes.

      But don’t cry la~ I’m sure they will pick up a really good actor if season 2 ever happens. ^^


    • lol I didn’t even realize it’s out already until I saw your comment. ^^” I look at the trailer and posters….and unfortunately, whoever is their stylist didn’t seem to make their characters look appealing to me. @_____@ It’s totally not how I imagine how Wu Xie and Kylin Zhang look like. Luhan’s Wu Xie perhaps is a little more fitting than Jing Boran’s Kylin Zhang. Anyhow, I don’t think I’ll be doing an opinion piece on it anytime soon (been busy with work anyways).
      Did you watch it? If so, what’s your opinion on it?


  2. I’ve watched it for 2 times already. Luhan’s acting was great, even film critic praise luhan’s performance. And it could be amazing if jing boran could act too. I don’t have idea about his other movies, but in this movie his acting skills kinda suck. He can’t even laugh properly. Weird

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