TFBOYS – 2 Years Anniversary Fan Meet & Surprised Mini Concert! ^^

*Updated August 22, 2016:  Some “fans” should read this.

This big sister here is extremely thankful for all the other cute clovers out there for uploading video clips (& even full segments) of TFBOYS fan meet plus mini concert so fast!  ^^  Otherwise, this big sister here might not even get to see it.  

Oh yea, most of the following videos here are uploaded by TFBoys VietNamFanPage.  All over the internet, I’ve found that the Vietnamese clovers are probably one of the most passionate groups of TFBOYS fans out there.  A big shout of thanks for being so awesome!!  ^^  Hahaha…sometimes, I wish I know Vietnamese so that I’m not as lonely here.  ^^”

1) First up~ TFBOYS’ latest song, Big Dreamer (大梦想家)  – like most of their songs, this one is full of engery and positive vibes.  ^^

2) 2) A cover song of Xiao Hu Du, Red Dragonfly (红蜻蜓) – from my mommy dearest’s generation.  *sorry, thought this was TFBOYS’ new song previously. XD


Solo times~~!!

1) Jackson’s dance solo first…just because he’s my bias.  =P  Now that I think about it, I realize why he’s my bias…it’s because his personality really reminds me of my younger brother.  ^^”  Anyways, I know this boy can dance, but I feel he has more charisma and stage presence than before. *Thumbs up*


2) Karry’s cover on his idol, Jay Chou’s song, Sunshine Nerd (阳光宅男).  As usual, he really shows why he’s the leader of the group.  His charisma is not something to be trifled with!  O___O


3) Roy’s cover of Stubborn (倔強), a song from Mayday.  Out of all three boys, his voice still has the highest pitch (& still sound like a cute kid), so it just makes my heart go totally “aw…” when he has decided to cover this song. 


4) Of course, we have to hear Jackson’s singing as well~ ^^  His cover on Leehom Wang’s A Simple Song (首简单的歌).  I always feel that Jackson’s voice would work well with a song that has more of a traditional Chinese element in it, kinda like Long for the West Journey (戀西遊). Perhaps, there’s a reason he’s so good at Chinese calligraphy!  O__O


Bonus:  here’s Long for the West Journey (戀西遊), one of my favourite songs from the TFBOYS.  XD


Their perfromances at this fan meet/mini concert really make me feel that they’re growing up.  It’s nice to see them growing and getting better each year. *le sigh* the sentiment of a big sister fan right here.


3 thoughts on “TFBOYS – 2 Years Anniversary Fan Meet & Surprised Mini Concert! ^^

  1. Hey! I was just about to write about their Fan Meet and I decided to come onto your blog to see if you’ve watched it. My TFBOYS sister buddy =) Wasn’t this summer vacation awesome! it was filled with soooo much TFBOYS videos! It’ll be lonely once they go back to school. But School comes first. I super super loved Jackson’s dance! You are soo right he has much charisma when he dances!!! He improved a lot from his previous dance to GD’s Bad Boy and his solo singing was sooo nice as well. They boys did soo awesome! I wish I was there. >v< And i've been singing to their new song everyday. I thought it was kind of funny how you reference that they are similar to your little brother because I'm always thinking the same thing as well, my little bro is the same age as them. Haha :p

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hahaha…of course, I watched it! Wouldn’t miss it for the world! XD Ooh~ please do write a blog post about them! I’m curious what my fellow TFBOYS sister buddy thinks of their performances. ^^ Yep~ school should definitely come first. I also hope that their 180cm dream would come true, but more than anything, I hope they wouldn’t feel too much pressure for it!
      Lol my brother isn’t a kid anymore, but his personality is similar to Jackson’s when he was young (actually, still is, because his personality hasn’t changed all that much…maybe just more matured). XD In a way, it’s kinda like watching my brother grow up again, but in a different environment. ^^


      • HAHA…same here! Im so trying to find a full HD version to dl. Soo if you know of any places please let me know! :p Yes yes! I hope i can finish writing it by this weekend! Please look forward to it! >v< Although I think we have similar thoughts…haha. Do you know how tall they are now? They seem pretty tall to me because when they go onto shows they're usually like about the same height as the guy host. Yea agreed, I hope they aren't to pressured to be prefect.


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